Learn about Robotics and Programming The fischertechnik ROBO TX Training Lab provides students with the tools needed to construct and program eleven. ed machines and robots using the ROBO TX Controller from fischertechnik. As you certainly know, a lot of the components in the ROBO TX Training Lab use. Find great deals for fischertechnik Computing Robo TX Training Lab 11 Models Parts NIOB. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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When he finished, we disassembled the fan and started building a line following robot. This week there were only 3 kids due to vacations and other conflicts.

This was helpful because we discovered a few errors. The kids investigated and found the sensor was installed backwards.

We realized two types of light bulbs are included with the kit. It has a Bluetooth wireless interface.

fischertechnik Computing Robo TX Training Lab 11 Models Parts NIOB | eBay

The stop sensor used a light bulb and a light sensor to detect when the light was broken. Not only can programs be downloaded into the controller, you can also control the robots from the computer. If I replace the PT with a Switch and change the program as well it will stop and start the motor as expected. The wires are not installed yet because they took some extra time to assemble the wires had to be cut, stripped and connectors had to be screwed on.

This summer myself and a group of gifted fourth graders are building robots with the Fischer Technik Robo TX Training lab kit. Alex wrote his program for the fan and gobo he decided to do similar things the other kids did, but he figured out how to dim the light.


My understanding of the project is that if the light beam being picked up by the photo transistor PT is broken the motor should stop. I suspected we had something hooked up wrong.

Fischertechnik Robo TX Training Lab Construction Kit

No matter where your item is going. Consisting of components for the building of six mobile robot models Also includes the new compact and powerful “Robo TX Controller” and software “Robo Pro” Made in Germany, high-quality product.

Update on robot building with the Fischer Technik kit: Mitglieder in diesem Forum: This is very helpful during debugging because you can see exactly what the robot is doing at each step in the program.

Super Fun 8 Legged Swingset. Strictly Necessary cookiesFunctionality cookiesPerformance cookies and Advertising cookies. Contains components for the construction of the following models: We are looking forward to it! Try it with the interface test menu Attention the manual changed Hand Dryer and temperture control The motor only may start if barrier is broken: Kyle modified the timing of Meg’s program and added loops so the program would run continuously. The four different types of cookies are: Product Details The Fischertechnik Computing Robo TX Training Lab Construction Kit includes components – everything you need to build 6 mobile robot models, such as a driver-less transport system, obstacle detector, lane finder, 2 encoder motors for exact positioning, ‘Motor XS’, infrared lane sensor, 2 scanners and lots more.

We discovered the solution accidentally by reading the manual. Pay in four simple instalments, available instantly at checkout. Novag Citrine Chess Computer. Also includes 50 page full color construction booklet with detailed instructions for building the above models, So that’s that one solved.


All you need is: Description The fischertechnik ROBO TX Training Lab provides students with the tools needed to construct and program eleven fully-functional robotic models, including six mobile robots such as a driverless transport system, an obstacle detector and a trail searcher.

We figured out how to use the RoboPro software to communicate with the elevator over Bluetooth. The polarity is set with the red wire on the red mark on the PT and connected to the right input of I1 next to the I1 legend When I select the “Test Interface” option if I click to select the check box for the I1 it instantly toggles from 0 to 1 back to 0 and removing the check mark.

I ran the program and the kids were really excited. The input mode is preset at D5K for this input and can’t be modified.

The kit has a paper mat containing a thick black line for the robot to follow. Get your order without delay Your order will be shipped as normal.

fischertechnik community forum

We had our first building session last week. Once we do that, I think the hardest parts rono be done and the robot should come together quickly. Abraham decided to turn the fan on for some number of seconds at one speed and then change the speed for some other number of seconds and then stop. I explained that I got our robot to work with the sample program to save time. This caused an obstruction with the elevator platform.