Buy Flashman and the Redskins: From the Flashman Papers, and 76 New Ed by George MacDonald Fraser (ISBN: ) from. Hilariously funny.”—The New York Times Book Review “Great dirty fun!”—Grand Rapids Press “The. Coward, scoundrel, lover and cheat, but there is no better man to go into the jungle with. Join Flashman in his adventures as he survives fearful ordeals and.

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And being a steel-minded businesswoman, Susie dealt with the insane Captain Spring in the following manner, during supper. There his adventures begin, and after many hair-raising and scalping scrapes, he finally wins through and gets home, only to return twenty-five years later, after being ‘persuaded’ by his good lady, where he faces another set of traumatic episodes.

Flashman and the Redskins

Given the times that these books were written, very refreshing. While this is seventh within the series chronology, it is second to none in terms of sheer readability, fast-paced action, and fascinating detail. I don’t think Flashman and the Redskins holds together as a novel particularly well, but it works just fine as ajd related novellas.

The West as it really was: Here is the legendary and authentic West of Mangas Colorado’s Apaches, of Kit Carson, Custer and Spotted Tail, of Crazy Horse and the Deadwood stage, gunfighters and gamblers, scoundrels and Indian belles, enthusiastic widows and mysterious adventuresses. While their affair continued in Santa Fe, Cleonie also exposed Flashman’s lack of any real love for Susie. Fraser doesn’t just tell I have flashmxn George MacDonald Fraser’s Flashman series before and I shall probably continue to do so as long as I continue to read them; they are a national treasure and our equivalent of Dumas or Sienkiewicz.

This one picks up in the form of a direct sequel to Book 3, which brought Flash to the US for the first time, and quickly outdoes its predecessor, then splits its It’s pretty amazing to me that, seven books deep in what is in many ways a pretty formulaic series Flash’s rascally nature gets him caught up in some dangerous venture – seduction, capture, torture, hardcore historical narratives, and hilarity followAdn MacDonald Fraser was still cranking out mini-classics that matched his best.


Go now and buy them all – I certainly am! Open Preview See a Problem? After a few bouts of sex, Susie asked him to marry.

Flashman and the Redskins (Flashman Papers, book 7) by George MacDonald Fraser

He escapes just in time to see the defeat and death of Custer—possibly being the one who kills Custer—and to be partly scalped himself by his own illegitimate son from Cleonie, Frank Grouardwho by choice has been living as an Indian.

And both father and son not only discovered that they shared similar traits, they also took a shining to each other. Paperbackpages. My dislike has nothing to do with some belief that she was a flazhman created character. One of them was a future leader named Ths Tail. I have praised George MacDonald Fraser’s Flashman series before and I shall probably continue to do so as long as I continue to read them; they are a national treasure and our equivalent of Dumas or Sienkiewicz.

But it did feature a colorful description of cavalry troopers boarding a Powder Flashmam steamboat in order to continue their journey to the Greasy Grass country. Mar 11, Olethros rated it liked it.

With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. Our hero Flashman’s morals are still a bit questionable at times but he is no coward, merely a survivor surrounded by larger-than-life characters who have resskins real sense of adventure, fun or their own mortality. More about George MacDonald Fraser. No doubt this is due to the Old West milieu two great tastes that taste GREAT together, indeedbut I think I’m also beginning to realize just how terrific the entire series is, which I suppose I ought to have known since a reader as exacting as Christopher Hitchens was a big fan.


Due to his dislike of her and I do not blame himFrank decided to spare his black-hearted father. Together they make a monster American epic, even if it knowingly pushes coincidence to its limits. This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat I enjoyed this book immensely: It’s clear to hear “him” talk about them that despite his revulsion for many things about Native American culture, he actually has more than a flsahman fondness for them in many ways.

All they had to do was travel up the coast to San Francisco and later, Sacramento. Once flashmsn Fraser has a lot of fun letting Flashman be a bastard throughout history, but kicks him in the hind end in the last pages as the fruits this consummate cad The irascible Flashman relates two seemingly unrelated adventures in the American West circa and which Fraser ties flashjan brilliantly via a well realized connecting thread I didn’t see coming.

The big moment in this book that reminds us to never think too highly of our narrator, no matter how charming his prose may be, is a real doozy, as he lays down a nasty if pragmatic betrayal in the earlier of the two stories. Honestly, Redskkns really could have done without it.

But there are a few of them I would describe as truly epic. Grant, Frank Grouard, Crazy Horse and most memorably, George Armstrong Custer; Fraser did not fail his readers in providing some interesting fictional characters. But, this time Without question my favorite Flashman novel yet. The novels are presented as “packets” of memoirs written by the nonagenarian Flashman, who looks back on his days as a hero of the British Army during the 19th century.