Flixborough disaster By: Paradigma Carlo Giovanni. Picture taken 5 days after the Nypro Flixborough Disaster which happened on June 1, Pic by George Schofield, of Barrow-on-Humber. 1 June is the 40th anniversary of the Flixborough disaster, an explosion at a chemical plant sited on the banks of the River Trent in Lincolnshire.

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This nitrate stress corrosion cracking was believed to have been due to the practice of spraying nitrate-treated cooling water as a means for diluting and dispersing small leaks.

Subscribe to our Daily newsletter Enter email Subscribe. And at a special service the Rev Peter Hearn spoke about a memorial — of mallards returning to peaceful waters — which would always be in Flixborough as a reminder. However, on May 29th, a leak was found on sight glass, and the plant was shut down for repairs. Once identified measures should be taken both to prevent such a disaster so far as is possible and to minimise its consequences should it occur despite all precautions. It was recognised that the number of casualties would have been even higher had the incident occurred on a weekday.

Eighteen fatalities occurred in the Control Room as a result of the windows shattering and the roof collapsing.

Subsequent examination of the crack by Dutch State Mines DSM determined the cause of the failure to be nitrate stress corrosion cracking of the mild steel cladding.

The approach advocated by the ACMH was largely followed in subsequent UK legislation and regulatory action, but following the release of chlordioxins by a runaway chemical reaction at Seveso in disastee Italy in July’major hazard plants’ became an EU-wide issue and the UK approach became subsumed in EU-wide initiatives the Seveso Directive insuperseded by the Seveso II Directive in Disazter occupants of the works laboratory had seen the release and evacuated the building before the release ignited; most survived.


Case Details > Disaster of Chemical Plant at Flixborough

Unconfined vapour cloud explosions had been experienced since the s; by the early s there had been about known incidents, with about 5 more every year. The bypass consisted of a dog-leg pipe from 20in.

This assumption was later confirmed by a metallurgical investigation showing that zinc embrittlement on austenitic stainless steel at a temperature of between and degree C could occur in a pipe under a stress of 3.

In order to maintain production, a temporary bypass pipe was installed between the No.

Flixborough Disaster anniversary: New pictures come to light after 43 years

The site today is home to the Flixborough Industrial Estate, occupied by various businesses and Glanford Power Station. In the Flixborough case, there is a real chance that the death toll could trigger meaningful changes in a neglected aspect of industrial safety. It was suggested that a diagram be made flixbofough the relation between the distance dsiaster the point of release and the size of the cloud tonnes of hydrocarbon equivalent at the plant containing materials that might explode.

After the disaster, two of the twelve bolts were found to be loose; the inquiry concluded that they were probably loose before the disaster. A record lfixborough was enjoying the gala in nearby Scunthorpe when, according to one witness, the ground shuddered and everyone became motionless in a chilling silence which was broken by a terrifying explosion. Retrieved 9 July Besides flixbkrough details, the initial site investigation revealed that a 50in. Ashby Shocked residents speak about being evacuated from their homes after severe fire broke out The 4am blaze happened in a terraced house on Ashby High Street and 16 firefighters were involved in dealing with it.

After the explosion, a metallurgical investigation of the 8in. Skip to content Skip to navigation. The plant was subsequently shutdown for an dissater.

The Inquiry noted further that “there was no overall control or planning of the design, construction, testing or fitting of the assembly nor was any check made that the operations had been properly carried out”. It was a failure of this plant that led to the disaster. Following the disaster there was fllixborough huge public debate about the safety of industrial plants and regulations regarding industrial processes were made considerably more rigorous — the newly formed Heath and Safety Commission took a close interest in these developments.


My grandfather in Grimsby heard the explosion and thought it was very strange thunder.

Flixborough (Nypro UK) Explosion 1st June 1974

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service Huge plumes of smoke seen across Scunthorpe as ‘severe fire’ tears through house Firefighters were called to Ashby High Street early fljxborough Sunday morning as residents of a house fled for their lives when a blaze tore through their home.

Fri 18 Jul at 3: The explosion also destroyed the oxidation units and neighboring units and caused idsaster damage to the rest of the site. We believe, however, that if the steps we recommend are carried out, the risk of any similar disaster, already remote, will be lessened.

Places Forest Pines to become North Lincolnshire’s second Hilton hotel as it joins global brand It is one of five Q Hotels properties to be rebranded under the DoubleTree by Hilton name under a franchise agreement. Failure had been accelerated by contact with molten zinc and there were indications that an elbow in the pipe had been at significantly higher temperature than the rest of the pipe.

Immediately after this disaster occurred, UK flixbkrough ordered that a formal investigation be carried out by a Court of Inquiry, consisted of a panel of experts. It was decided to remove the No. If the UK public were largely reassured to be told the accident was a one-off and should never happen again, some UK process safety practitioners were less sanguine.