FM 10-500-3 PDF

Prepare and install one GE cargo parachute or three G cargo parachutes to the A cargo bag according to FM /TO 13C FM /TO 13C, 21 August , is changed as follows: 1. New or changed material is , c1. , c1. ARMY FM (FM ). AIR FORCE TO . This publication supersedes FM /TO 13C, 31 October FM /TO 13C

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FM Titles (Version 5.7, 6-21-01) Remarks A B

It is 10 inches square and 17 inches high. Place a foot cargo ex- traction parachute and a foot 3-looptype XXVI nylon webbing extraction line on the load for installation in the aircraft. Drums positioned und lashed together CI. Canteens packed in the inner container. Place four canteens in the second row of the separator, Insert the separator until the canteens in the second row are inside the container. Position the filled container with the open end up.

A pumping assembly can be rigged with the load as an accompanying load. Figure A cargo bag prepared Sent request for input on 30 Sep Cross stack and glue the second layer of four 6- by inch pieces of honeycomb. With this change, the C-5 aircraft may be used for low- velocity airdrop.


Further, we will continue to maintain a range of airdrop capabilities to support all contingencies throughout the Army. All measurements are given In Inches.

Preparing Containers Prepare 40 containers as shown in figure Through the bottom clevis of the rear drum, Through the front shadlde of the front drum. Each cargo bag can be rigged for drop from y door n ramp, or wedge. It is made up of u fiherboard box and a plastic bag insert.

Shorter lines will not be used to form the foot extraction line. Preparing the outer container.

Remove and insert pages as indicated below. Starting at the front of the platform, number the clevises bolted to the right side from I through 1 4 and those 01-500-3 to the left side from I A through J4A.

Make sure the shackles on the drums are parallel to the platform before installing the lashings. Remove all lifting stings. Preparing Containers Prepare eight milk-dispensing containers as shown in figure Make sure that the tape extends at 10-500-33 G inches down the sides of the container. Based on information received from the references a-c above, the following update is provided per request ref c, above. Parachute restraint straps installed CI. Center stack 3 flush with the rear edge of the platform.

Description of Load One case of fifty ounce cans of water is rigged in a cardboard container. Also with this change, the fk notice shown below must be added to the cover of the basic manual. Make sure that the tape extends at least 6 inches down the aides nf the container. This determination was made on 30 April Placing Extraction Parachute Place the extraction parachute as described below.


The gallon drum filled with gallons of water weighs 2, pounds when rigged for low-velocity airdrop. Equipment Required Use the equipment listed in Table to rig this load. Components of the pumping assembly that have been used to deliver petroleum products must not be used to pump water for human use.

Military Manuals Page 2

These authorized loads are specific in nature and will normally be found in the special operations arena of airdrop loads. T Center a drum on honeycomb stack J.

One case of ounce cans weighs Figu re 3- 1Milk – dispen si ng eo nta iner p repa red. File this transmittal sheet in front of the publication for reference purposes. Seal the f, end with 3-inch tape.