Applications of wall-to-wall counseling vary, ranging from a simple refer to WALL-TO-WALL COUNSELING FM , available from the. FM , Wall-to-Wall Counseling, Apr – Free download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Fm wall to wall. This is good Army FM (though a spoof). I found the site looking AFPT weight control calculator. WALL-TO-WALL COUNSELING FM Nice.

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Two days later he wants to go to DLI to study Urdu. I was actually talking about it with ,y counseoing marine roommate last night Before he even met his platoon, his Platoon Sergeant sent him out to a tower to pull guard.

You’re friggin psychic or something What are Christopher Johnson football credentials? Therefore, the easiest solution is to find someone in another unit to come over in vm clothes and counsel your lieutenant. Our first year the older guys decided they were going to take us. About 7 miles in, another cherry from 3rd Plt falls out and collapses in a ditch near Sabre Hall. All times are GMT I was given a PRC and plotting board to hump and told not to fall out.

We used to send privates for spools of flight line, buckets of prop wash, boxes of grid squares, and wall stretchers. New York City Posts: I might not aall been the best runner but I never fell out of a single road march.


This brings back some great ‘hazing’ memories. Lieutenants Most lieutenants require daily wall-to-wall counseling for the first three years of their Army career. Now I’ve got a link to send him to By Lizard King Started 2 hours ago.

Poor families and one from well off families. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

The real ROK soldiers do live a very spartan life. Find all posts by Dark Helmet. Find all posts by Attila You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Something about them outranking you.

FM Wall to Wall – Host-A Hosting

I’ve got a counnseling copy of the whole thing. Sign in Already have an account? Find all posts by Moran ‘doc’. Our new posting rules.

Read fmwall-to-counseling

Thanks I have a great pic of my brother as avionics love to pass it on to you. By kevinc Started 4 hours ago. Wall to Wall Counseling. Most lieutenants require daily wall-to-wall counseling for the first three years of their Army career. Wall to Wall Counseling http: Moran ‘doc’ Been There Done That.


I’ve had a tattered hard copy of that since the mid 90s! Why I love Jamal.

Huey One Four Visitor. Find all posts by Bravo Five Romeo.

What can you say? Who ever wrote it had entirely too much time on their hands, but it is damn good. The ones from well off families are able to essentially buy there kids into an admin positions. Ones who actually work for the Korean wal, and then ones that do their time in with the U. It is pretty good! There are two type of ROK soldiers.

FM 22-102 Wall to Wall Counseling.doc

And the next week he wants to get out of the Army and grow marijuana in 0regon. In fact, it disapproves of beating up walo lieutenants. THanks for posting it Tack Find all posts by Tracker This may sound stupid Posted May 16, Give me an e mail so I can send.

Any Army vet knows exactly what wall-to-wall counseling is. Find all posts by zog.

They left us in the middle of nowhere. FM It is pretty good!