If you have not known an eligible guarantor for at least two years, complete form PPTC “Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor”. PPTC – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. In addition to administering the PPTC Form we. Form – PPTC for Canadians in Canada or the US PDF KB. Learn to use an online PDF editor to.

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You cannot help the guarantor in performing these duties. They must also certify one of your photographs on the reverse with the following statement: Lengelle added that Passport Canada has been in touch with webmasters at Foreign Affairs. Your guarantor must be: There are about 17 million passports currently in circulation, and Passport Canada expects to issue about 5.

The form must be signed before a Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public, Justice of the Peace or another official who is qualified to administer the oath. Processing Time Many applications for passports are received each day. Processing times may change depending on the volume of applications received and therefore they are not guaranteed.

Lion escapes enclosure and kills zoo keeper. This official does not need to know you but you must be able to provide identification to show them. Online form poses problem for Passport Canada. Walk Off the Earth mourns band member Mike Taylor.

The passport agency considers the blank form a potential security risk and insists that anyone who wants for fill one out must appear at an office to request a copy in person. The necessary wording is: Regular Military Force officers may act as guarantor for other Regular Force personnel and their dependents if they have known them personally for two years or more.

A family member or any individual residing at your address may be your guarantor provided he or she meets the specified requirements. To make your payment via internet banking, please ;ptc the following information: My Service Canada Account.


If you do not wish your documents to be folded please ensure that the envelope is large enough.

Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor (PPTC 132) Sworn by a Vancouver Notary

About of those visits have come from government of Canada computers, a level that spiked once Enns was warned off posting the form. If you have a New Zealand permanent residency or work permit please enquire with Immigration New Zealand about how to transfer it into your new Canadian passport. And the primary source of the online leak is the federal Foreign Affairs Department, which has helpfully posted it to several government of Canada websites.

I can’t find what I’m looking for.

Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor (PPTC ) Sworn by a Vancouver Notary | Brosgall Legal

We may contact them while we process your application. One of the roles of an eligible guarantor is to certify one of your passport photographs.

Login error when trying to access an account e. To check if your application was received by the High Commission in Wellington please contact the courier company through which you sent your application. Please select all that apply: We will not use regular post to return passports and supporting documents as the envelope must be signed for upon delivery to you.

The guarantor must have known you personally for at least two 2 years. Complete and sign the “Declaration of Guarantor” section of your application form.

House Democrats have plan to re-open government, without funding border wall.

Government of Canada

Passport Canada’s web police are having fprm tough time eradicating a rogue application form from the Internet. All references will be contacted to confirm your identity. Guarantor ppct for military personnel applying for a regular passport blue.

The guarantor must complete their duties, free of charge, including: If applicable, sign and date a copy of each document to support your identity. We do not provide this service. Secondary menu Services for Canadians Passports Passport services.


Enns complied by providing links on his web page to several Foreign Affairs websites that allow the form to be quickly downloaded. Information is outdated or wrong.

Payment by credit card: Citizenship law leaves For man’s newborn twins stranded in Kenya. If you have a rural postal delivery address, please ensure that you provide a Rural Delivery Sticker on the return envelope. If you are the parent or legal guardian applying for a passport for your child, you cannot act as guarantor.

Cossette, who has since left the agency, informed Enns last October that Foreign Affairs had been advised to remove all the forbidden forms from its website. It 312 a spelling mistake. If you have an eligible guarantor, then your guarantor should sign your passport application. Many applications for passports are received each day.

Your guarantor must meet the following requirements: As you do not have a eligible guarantor, we will certify the photographs that you are required to submit as part of your passport application. We use a smudge-free ‘Sharpie’ pen to write on the back of one of your passport photos. Canadian or British diplomatic forj consular representatives qualified local officials, such as a civil servants torm members of Parliament. Any person not listed and related to you or your spouse or common-law partner by blood, marriage, common-law relationship, adoption or guardianship can be your reference.

A spokesman for the passport office called the form a “last resort” for people who can’t find a guarantor.