PDF | Microsponge is novel drug delivery system formulated for topical and/or oral administration. Microsponges are po-rous microspheres. The microsponges formulations were prepared by quasi-emulsion solvent . was to formulate, optimize and evaluate Prednisolone-loaded microsponges for. Formulation and evaluation of gel-loaded microsponges of diclofenac sodium for topical delivery. Hamid Hussain, Archana Dhyani, Divya Juyal.

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Structural analysis of carbopol gel and curcumin microsponges gel was done to determine their mechanical properties such as hardness, cohesiveness, and adhesiveness. IR spectra were recorded to check compatibility of the drug with excipients. A new cornucopia in topical drug delivery: Enhancement of the dissolution rate and oral absorption of a poorly water soluble drug by formation of surfactant-containing microparticles. Webmed cent Pharm Sci ; 9: Gel was assessed for change in appearance, pH and in vitro release profile at an interval of 30, 60 and 90 days.

An increase in amount of emulsifying agent resulted in decreased production yield.

Formulation and evaluation of curcumin microsponges for oral and topical drug delivery

Polymer ratio was abridged dichloromethane diffusion rate from concentrated solutions to the aqueous phase, which provides additional time for formation of droplet following improved yield.

Microsponge delivery system MDS executes all these requirements and thereby giving an assurance of drug localization on the skin surface and within the epidermis without entering into systemic circulation to a large extent.

On the basis of maximum regression value, zero order was found to be the best fit model for most of the formulations [ Table 3 ].

Please review our privacy policy. J Chem Pharm Res ; 2 4: All the formhlation ingredients used were of analytical grade and were used as procured.


The microsponges were characterized by various parameters and evaluation of the capsules and gel was carried out by different techniques. The in-vitro dissolution studies of microsponges in the media with different pH 1. This characteristic gives property to release the drug at a svaluation rate through pores and this property is very helpful to get desired drug concentration at a targeted area or blood plasma.

Development and evaluation of voriconazole microsponges for topical delivery. The internal phase was then poured into polyvinyl alcohol PVA solution in ofrmulation, the external phase.

But in the next 4 hours, in phosphate buffer pH 6.

Article Information

Differential scanning calorimetry thermogram of a fluconazole, b physical mixture and c microsponge formulation. In recent times, for improving the bioavailability, sustained and controlled release of drug; quite a few new-fangled drug carrier systems have been developed for maintaining the localized effect as well as enhanced drug accumulation in various strata of skin, and the carrier systems includes liposomes and niosomes,[ 1 ] hydrogels,[ 2 ] lecithin-based organogel,[ 9 ] FLZ hydrogel,[ 10 ] polymeric mucoadhesive films,[ 11 ] and poly lactide-co-glycolide microspheres.

From the resulting texturogram, hardness and adhesiveness were calculated Bhatia and Ahuja The drug release was observed to decline within a range of The preparation was further evaluated for its in vitro drug release behavior and ex vivo bioadhesion studies using a Franz diffusion cell.

D PDRS5 5 The viscosity of formulatoin was measured by Brookfield viscometer using spindle No.

Formulation and evaluation of curcumin microsponges for oral and topical drug delivery

Prednisolone comes under the class of adrenocorticoid steroid anti-inflammatory and it is very slightly soluble in water. Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research ; 7 3: The curcumin microsponges filled in the capsule shells showed The total drug content was calculated as follows Eq. Drug release profile of microsponge gel during stability study. In vitro antifungal activity In vitro antifungal activity results for optimized FLZ microsponge gel O and marketed formulation Magainst fungal for,ulation of C.


Therefore, prednisolone-loaded microsponges are proposed to formulate for oral controlled released of drug that minimize proximal absorption, allow high drug concentration in the colon and reduced side-effect.

Further, with low PVA concentration 30 mg, F7production yield was quite low, i. In this research study, various studies have been formmulation such as formulation development and evaluation, in-vitro and pharmacokinetic evaluation.

The mean particle size and polydispersity index PdI of all the batches of microsponges were measured using Mastersizer Malvern Instruments Ltd. In the present study, the different nature of the curves obtained for zero-order, first formulatiion, and Higuchi model and as demonstrated by very close and highest r squared values suggests that the release from the formulation microspinges follow any one of these models.

Nagar, Mysuru -Karnataka, India. Formulation and evaluation of Prednisolone tablet for colon targeted drug delivery system. Hence, no significant difference is observed in the hardness and adhesiveness of the gels.

J Drug Deliv SonaliSingh P. Trop J Pharm Res. Perfect sink conditions prevailed during the drug dissolution study period. The reason was investigated that the particle size evaouation directly proportional to the apparent viscosity of dispersed phase. By changing the concentration of PVA from 30 to 70 mg effect of external phase composition was assessed for formulations F7-F Design and evaluation of colon specific drug delivery system containing flurbiprofen microsponges.