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That should now be cor- rected by strong thoughts of love.

Your hair has expressed yoiu- thought of limit- ation and so has not grown abundantly. Every geaand law only a particular fact of some more ffBUeral law presently to dis- close itself.

It means that God, Spirit, must have a means or channel through which to manifest. It was full of quaint old places and we took long strolls nearly every day.

Frances Larimer Warner (Author of Our Invisible Supply)

Stop sup- plementing this mistake of the past and begin to praise your hair for being so abimdant and beautiful and let the Spirit heal. One day my niece began picking four leaved clovers till she had nearly a hand full.

Yes, we scientists are doing so, too. Hatred, the bible tells us, is a “deadly poison,” so at that time you imconsciously poisoned the fluids.

Frances Larimer Warner

You see your acting abundance, while admitting the small bank account, are conflicting, and set up two opposing currents which is the ”wavering” Our Invisible Supply that must expect nothing. There are so many clear teachings in the most scientific of all books, the Bible, that now that we are beginning to discover that it is a scientific, rather than a religious book, 69 60 Our Invisible Supply we are comprehending and proving its teach- ings as never before.

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A seeming miracle occurred not long ago in Chicago, when a lady was thrown from her carriage and several bones fractured. When a girl, a family living in the same town with us were a great puzzle to me and every one. Herein is one of the mighty occult truths I promised to give when fraces had complied with my terms.

I ran across this item “We need a pipe organ in oui auditorium; will some of our good friends please suggest an easy way to get one? Full text of ” Our Invisible Supply: Pardon business paper as it was all I had at hotel.

Then we must comply with that Law in Older to reap the benefit of it, or rather we must not oppose it. The time of manifestation, I have dis- covered, depends a great deal on the constant and vivid imaging of the thing desired, and I know from almost daily proof of this fances never-failing Law, that there is not an air castle too great to see literally fulfilled.


I like the idea immensely, only cannot quite reconcile it with what I have just said. Because he is sometimes ignorant of the power he is vMngy does not prove steam a fickle good.

Letters had accumu- lated and with other duties, such as building a home, etc. The Spirit through Mai. And isn’t there a feeUng of nearness among us all that we never knew or could know as natural beings?

Frances Larimer Warner: List of Books by Author Frances Larimer Warner

I think not, for your letters show that you have been a student along these lines; but I will try to simplify as much as so deep a subject will permit. I sent down town by a friend for a little brown teapot; when I came home in the afternoon rather tired — ought one to say so?


Can you not realize that “what is not true of God is not true of you? How good it is to learn that we are only limited by our own ignorance and that we can honor the great Law-Giver as greatly by proving Him our supply, as well as our health.

If you think this has cleared away warnr fog that your questions indicated, and is worth yoiu: That is all you have to do to realize wealth — “turn it on” by acknowledg- ing it as a reality. So we are ruled by the Law until we discover that we, ourselves, make the law, and then we rule. And in the library ia a grate fire of wood; before the grate fire are two.

Without reading, preferably instructional books, then warnet will contradict that thinking.

Militz was my teacher ten years ago in Los Angeles. This may all seem abstract to you, because new, perhaps; but I assure you it is being demonstrated as the rule rather than the exception by many scientists who have dared to assert their spiritual birthright to know.

The Bible gave me the wafner to the secret of active faith, and here it is: