Francesco Carotta, Writer: The Gospel of Caesar. Francesco Carotta is a writer, known for The Gospel of Caesar () and Death Masks (). Kindle Singles Newsstand Accessories Content and Devices Kindle Support Advanced Search. Francesco Carotta. + Follow Books By Francesco Carotta. Jesus Was Caesar: On the Julian Origin of Christianity: An Investigative Report [ Francesco Carotta, Tommie Hendriks, Joseph Horvath, Manfred Junghardt.

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Carotta postulates that the historical person behind the Biblical figure Jesus Christ was not Jesus of Nazareth, but the Roman statesman Gaius Julius Caesar, from whose cult Christianity developed over the course cagotta several generations. The material of our stone, hematite, a blood-red ferric oxide, would not have been selected by chance: But Caesar had also owned a villa at Lake Nemi, so the recovered statue could as well originate from the Caesarian or early imperial period.

Almanach vom Kore VerlagFreiburg: All these passages seem to presuppose that by the time the books were written, the destruction had happened.

Carota the original piece the direction of the writing is a standard left-to-right, unlike on seals, which are always inversely embossed.

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Carotta, Francesco 1946-

They are used both as the Crucified and as a tomb figure in order to reenact the Descent from the Cross during the Holy Drancesco.

Log In Sign Up. As a consequence nothing would obviate the early dating to the third or even second century, as proposed by connoisseurs of gems and of the Orphic cults. Hence we recognize the Orpheos Bakkikos stone as the archaeological link between the franceesco of Divus Iulius, which commenced as the Roman imperial religion in 44 BCE, and Christianity, which became its substitute from the second or third century onward.


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His purported inconsequence would in fact be the adherence of a theologically unyielding poet to the historical origins of Christianity. It would then belong to the series of early depictions of the Crucifixion on gems. For in order to stage the Descent from the Cross, such articulated figures need to be held close to the crossbeam with stabilizing fabrics, which are applied below the armpits, while the legs are bent at the knees figs.

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Within Carotta’s theory the gospels are hypertexts after a diegetic transposition [7] of Latin and Greek Roman sources hypotexts on Caesar’s life from the beginning of the Civil War, the crossing of the Rubicon carrotta, until his assassinationfuneral and deificationconforming to Jesus’ mission from the Jordan to his arrestcrucifixion and resurrection.

But both the inscription and the depicted figure leave the specialists carotga. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Something similar can be noted for Ausonius, farncesco Christian, who wrote two epigrams 29, 40 to Liber Pater, or for Apollinaris, who was excommunicated together with his father for listening to recitals of dionysiaca, which was only permitted for mysts.

Get to Know Us. Although this new concept only established itself very slowly and with difficulty in rite and iconography, it does not appear to have cxrotta completely novel, but could have retained a reminiscence of the crucifixions in the era from Julius Caesar to Herodes Atticus. Are the Gospels built on the life of Caesar, just as the first Christian churches were built on the foundations of antique temples?


Dedalo,ISSN We would surely recover from the loss of a forgery, but if it was a genuine piece, we would have lost something unique.

So they were prone to wood worm infestation and were consequently replaced regularly by the parishes, of course in a contemporary style, whereas the old figures were walled into crypts or simply burnt—as it is documented for the predecessor of the crucifix of Bercianos de Aliste figs.

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Jesus was, indeed, Caesar: Matthew is even more explicit: Mastrocinque18, n. English Choose a language for shopping.

A Study of the Nobility from 44 B. Mid 4 th century. Instead he studied at a technical college for a diploma as Rrancesco Industriale Capotecnico in technical chemistry.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In the 90s he left Kore and his own company to attend to his studies, of which he had already published preliminary findings in the 80s. Parents Rodolfo Carotta Margherita Miola.

His father Rodolfo b. Ancient wooden mannequin, Rome. It’s a tremendous feeling to finally know the truth that sets one free!