The Hidden Connections has ratings and 43 reviews. Fritjof Capra, bestselling author of The Tao of Physics and The Web of Life, here explores another. What’s the fuss about GM food? Fritjof Capra explains why complex systems are inherently unpredictable in Hidden Connections. Quotes from The Hidden Connection, Fritjof Capra. 1. The Hidden Connections: A Science for Sustainable Living by Fritjof Capra (click on title for book link;.

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His claim is that all biological and social phenomena are the result of the network characteristic of life. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. The sweetness resides neither in the C, nor in the O, nor in the H, it resides in the patterns that cxpra from their interaction. Love all books by Fritjof.

La vida avanza constantemente hacia la novedad. This was a good read, but not ocnnections as good as Fritjof Capra’s web of life.

The Hidden Connections

The author has courageously put together a real tract for our times. My aim is not only to offer a unified view of life, mind and society, but also to develop a coherent, systemic approach to some of the critical issues of our time.

A forerunner of that revolution, Fritjof Capra now continues to expand the scope of that theory by establishing a framework in which we can understand and solve some of the most important issues of our time. The second part begins with a chapter on complexity and change, in which Capra presents a concept of management that recognizes the network characteristic of all human organizations. I remember discussions with Bohr which went through many hours till very late at night and ended almost in despair; and when at the end of the discussion I went alone for a walk in the neighboring park I repeated to myself again and again the question: It’s beautiful to think about the way music, art, culture, food, industry, civilization and all of life creates so many patterns that is this world.


Of course, if we destroy ourselves, I have every confidence that life will continue to emerge and flourish.

He goes on to say how different NGOs thw sprung up the world over and are fighting these power and money hungry organizations. The rules of behaviour whether formal or informal, are called social structures. Fascinating and informative review of the ‘basics’ of biological life in the first half, but I was unconvinced by the logical progression from that hldden social application. A Journey into the 3. He also illustrates how we were fortunate enough to have “Open Source” software which ensured that the Human Genome mapping was done in the Open Source world rather than by some corporate which was aiming to patent and lock up the whole thing.

In other words, true authority consists in empowering others to act.

A forerunner of that revolution, Fritjof Capra now continues to e Fritjof Capra, bestselling author of The Tao of Physics and The Web of Lifehere explores another frontier in the human significance of scientific ideas—applying complexity theory to large-scale social interaction. Steven rated it it was amazing.

Network culture

He quotes Vandana Shiva’s an ecologist repeatedly “The Developed countries will get the resources and the Developing countries will end up getting polluted”.

Capra also shows how the rapid deregulation of trade over the past 20 years – carried out largely behind closed doors by unelected bodies – has removed local cultural and legal brakes on the power of money. I would like to emphasize the merit Fritjof Capra has, as a mainstream scientist, to have unveiled the negative hodden of genetically modified organisms, commonly called GMO. The global network that is the Internet is important here, and can greatly facilitate collaborations which support the economic and social transitions required.


The Hidden Connections by Fritjof Capra | : Books

Capra posits that in order to sustain life, the principles underlying our social institutions must be consistent with the broader organization of nature. They can never be controlled like machines.

It has given me hope for the future, to know that we have a blueprint of what’s needed, albeit a challenging struggle politically to promote it. It seems to me that they are the result of quantitative thinking, a primacy of quantity over quality, and this for the obvious reason of maximizing profits. Published January 6th by Anchor first published I was particularly inspired by the concepts of shifting from a materials-based economy to a service-and-flow economy, and that of ecological clusters of industries.

The importance of networks, and of supporting relationships rather than material acquisition, is another required shift in thinking. Still, this is a call for a new kind of science, one that does not seek arrogant mastery but works with the concept of emergence: Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. I agree with the author’s view that the unchecked greed of the global financial systems will surely lead to the utter destruction of our natural environment, and the Enron debaucle shows just how removed from reality the assignment of a company’s “worth” is in a financial system that is hopelessly tied up in speculations.

I learnt as a law student that such a kind of system is called an oligarchy, the reign of an elite.