Calling fscommand(“exec”, “filename”); will launch the application specified by filename. The EXEC fscommand is the only escape hatch that. It is also possible to launch video via the FSCommand Launch command, but only if the device supports it (the video file format is mapped to the device video. I know fsCommand is used for that but can anyone help me by providing the exe file will start running. this is what i want to do please help!.

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I’ll check with Adobe, and also with my client.

Power To Spare Are you on a tight schedule? And this is the code.

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I have problem opening external exe file by clicking a button in Flash projector. More power usually comes hand-in-hand with more complexity Some of the products that appear on this site are from companies from which QuinStreet receives compensation.


Hope that can help.

You can’t provide a path to the file you want to launch, it has to exist in a special sanboxed folder. If you can tell me which file you found that in, I might be able to make progress. Funko Last sfcommand by DrFunko; at When I use the “open file or url” option to launch an exe, I get a download file fscojmand. The following can apply to programs or documents.

Same behavior on xp as well: Last edited by DrFunko; at Do you have to use Flash Projector? In that case you can create a batch file that in turn calls your programs. So in an attempt to bypass that, I built a Flash button that uses fscommand “exec”, “myfile. The application can’t have any spaces or special characters in the file name. Boy, what a day I’ve had.

How to RUN external EXE file???

But we also decided it would be nice to remove the limitations on EXEC. The batch file then calls the exe which resides elsewhere on your system. You know, so bitmaps aren’t all pixelated. While proxy is very useful, it’s a bit cumbersome if you have a lot of calls to make. Well, there’s an FSCommand for that This content has been marked as final. The time now is So how do you get Flash to do things like open documents or launch applications?


Well, here is the big whammy.

SWF Studio and FSCommand EXEC

There are no stupid questions; just stupid people. Free Web Developer Tools. All times are GMT Give your button the following actions: Yes unfortunately I have to use Flash Projector. Forum Flash Help ActionScript 2. Sign up using Fscommamd and Password. This swf has a button that calls FSCommand “exec”, “myfile.

Have you both attempted to configure the Flash Security settings to allow linking from your location? Your external file must be inside a folder named “fscommand”.