This roll of film made me think very carefully how and which camera it should be used with. And so should you. Pro S was an ISO daylight-type color negative film designed for professional use, featuring more highly. Buy FUJIFILM Pro S Professional Color Negative (Print) Film Review FUJIFILM.

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I’ll attach a couple of brochures with sample images that I think will vuji you out. As a result, superior scanning consistency makes post-scanning color correction and retouching easier than ever before Smooth, Natural Reproduction of Skin Tones Color coupler technology delivers exceptionally well-nuanced skin tones and ensures that all hues are consistent from highlight to shadow, regardless of density Unsurpassed gray balance Ufji tones are reproduced with unparalleled neutrality and accuracy, even within a wide range of exposures Significantly Finer Grain Structure Finer grain than their predecessors, with an RMS granularity of 3 vs.

Fuji Pro s for sale | eBay

The H emulsion was originally launched as NPH in I only have and shot one roll of this film. However, no print film, regardless of the fancy designation on the box, is not going to beat Astia when it comes to saturation because of the limited density range of print film. Discussion in ‘ Film and Processing ‘ started by juergenfSep 6, However, they were sample rolls so maybe production rolls are different.


All Pro films incorporate; sigma fine grain technology, fourth colour layer for improved colour reproduction under fluorescent lighting, neutral colour balance for improved skin tones, single channel printing and ‘easy end seal’ peel and stick tape on roll films.

Share This Page Tweet. Both have very wide exposure latitude: Pro NS sheet film was proo in Not Specified by Manufacturer. Business Products Medical Systems Fuii. Her photographs will take you to a purple and turquoise world.

The ability to conveniently print from the processed film is an advantage even if I don’t use it often. Pro C was an ISO daylight-type colour negative film designed for professional use, featuring a gradation design optimized for exposures requiring high-contrast results. I used to buy Kodak c films, but now I’m starting to really, really enjoy this Pro s film 160e my Yashica and Canon.


Wedding, portrait, and fashion photography. Surely you could buy a couple rolls of C and give it a try without incurring financial ruin I had wanted to use it there but ended up not being able to.


This came highly recommended to me and it was definitely money well spent. Pro C does not scan well on my old HP S No funny business, just a whole heap of Lomography love right to your inbox.

For outdoors street shots, some photos will turn out dull even in bright daylight. It was available in, triacetate base and sheet film; 4×5″, 8×10″ polyester base.

It features Fuji’s new peel and stick paper backing. Let your loved one pick the gift of their dreams.

Fuji Pro 160S – Mamiya RB67

I shoot all portraits, very rarely nature, so my experience comes from that perspective. Paris is currently showing the handpicked shots of Dutch social documentary photographer during his coverage of the post-war period.

I have never really tried Pro C though. I simply set it to ISO and fired funi.

Istant Photo System Instax mini Please login to leave a comment. I am a big fan of Fuji Pro S, mainly for its natural colors and very fine grain. I pr its versatility and accuracy in color.