Cirugía ° Modificaciones: André Toupet Jacques Dor de la región del hiato se efectúa colocando un separador de tipo valva de. cluded D’Or fundoplication in 35 cases (%), Nissen in 8 cases .. tos pacientes se había realizado funduplicatura tipo D’Or abierta en 2. Se usa en pacientes con dismotilidad severa. Es una funduplicatura anterior de º. Funduplicatura parcial tipo Dor. Elonga el segmento intra-abdominal del.

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The data were analyzed using Review Manager Version 5. Surgical treatment of the non-complicated gastroesophageal reflux: Finally, 6 studies, including a total of achalasia patients, compared Dor fundoplication with other types of fundoplication after LHM Dor-other groupand 8 studies, including a total of achalasia patients, compared Dor fundoplication with no fundoplication after LHM Dor-no group.

Transoral videolaryngoscopic funcuplicatura was performed with a combination of ultrasonography with a flexible laparoscopic transducer manipulated with forceps for identifying RPN intraoperatively.

Revision bibliografica a proposito de un caso de acalasia.

The patient underwent a laparoscopic floppy Nissen fundoplication. Anterior screw fixation of a dislocated type II odontoid fracture facilitated by transoral and posterior cervical manual reduction. Its main short-term complication is perforation, and in the medium to long term, GORD.

Heller plus Dor was associated with a significant reduction in the risk of GER relative risk 0. The first step consisted of creating the esophageal myotomy. She underwent adjuvant radiotherapy to minimize local recurrence. Full Text Available Background: Transoral thyroidectomy was successfully performed at both institutions with robotic and endoscopic techniques.

Further technological progress is expected to be of significant benefit to the patients.

There were no complications with time until extubation range, dayslength of intensive care unit stay range, daysand total hospital stay range, days within acceptable range following laryngeal cleft repair. There was no operative death and major complications for either group.


Primary tumors originating from the retropharyngeal space are rare. However, rates of adverse results involving dysphasia, gas-bloat syndrome, inability to belch and re-operation due to severe dysphasia were significantly higher after LNF. Surgery too may in some cases have consequences such as long-lasting dysphagia, flatulence, inability to belch or vomit, diarrhea, or functional dyspepsia related to delayed gastric emptying.

Full Text Available Abstract Objective To describe the management of bilateral oral ranulas with the use of the da Vinci Si Surgical System and discuss advantages and disadvantages over traditional transoral resection.

Hiatal hernias were small fundoplication using minilaparoscopic instruments is safe, feasible and effective. The goal of this technical report is to illustrate our preferred approach to patients with achalasia and to provide the reader with a detailed description of our operative technique, its rationale, and our pre and postoperative management.

Revisional laparoscopic antireflux surgery after unsuccessful endoscopic fundoplication. Laparoscopic redo fundoplication was carried out. The main indication for surgery was significant neurological deterioration. In all of our cases, the symptoms, especially dysphagia, relapsed within a year.

Clinical, radiologic, radionuclide transit, manometric, hour pH monitoring and endoscopic assessments were fundupilcatura before and after the operation. Trans-oral robotic surgery in oropharyngeal carcinoma – A guide for general practitioners and patients. In the last few years, transoral incisionless fnduplicatura TIF has proved an effective and promising therapeutic option as an alternative to medical and surgical therapy.

To compare the mid-term outcomes of laparoscopic calibrated Nissen-Rossetti fundoplication with Dor fundoplication performed after Heller myotomy for oesophageal achalasia.

Transumbilical LESS Heller myotomy with concomitant anterior fundoplication for achalasia was undertaken for 66 patients after October The study was limited to patients with positive findings on upper gastrointestinal GI endoscopy done by us and “typical” symptoms heartburn, regurgitation, and dysphagia of GERD. Full Text Available The contents of the funduplicatkra space are limited to fat and retropharyngeal nodes.


transoral incisionless fundoplication: Topics by

Several recent studies, based on large multi-institutional studies and systematic reviews of the literature, have shown excellent tupo and functional outcomes with TORS for OPSCC.

Surg Endosc, 2pp. The patient was diagnosed with pyogenic spondylodiscitis, according to the results of magnetic resonance imaging. Injected into the sphincter, botulinum toxin paralyzes the muscle and allows it to relax.

A retrospective review of 13 consecutive patients over a 2-year period who underwent transoral resection of tracheal stenosis and immediate transoral Wallstent placement.

Eleven were decreased and ten of the 35 families declined objective evaluation. InCsendes et al. We report the preparation, step-by-step implementation, and first promising results for TOETVA of an international surgical cooperation.

fundidor de tipos – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

This paper dr an unusual case of a transsphenoidal encephalocele and discusses our experience with a minimally invasive management. All the clinical, investigative, operative, pathological and post-operative data were collected from our prospectively filled database.

Demonstration of transoral robotic supraglottic laryngectomy and total laryngectomy in cadaveric specimens using the Medrobotics Flex System.

She had a posterior fixation of C1-C4 prior to that. Full Text Available Background – There is today a significant greater number of laparoscopic antireflux procedures for the surgical treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease and there are yet controversies about the necessity of division of the short gastric vessels and full mobilization of the gastric fundus to perform an adequate fundoplication.