Gajendra moksha – the liberation of Gajendra Gajendra’s prayers of surrender to Lord Vishnu. The prayer made by Gajendra on this occasion became a famous. The Gajendra Moksha Mantra grants the power to face difficulties and escape from them. Gajendra Moksha” a prayer, addressed to Lord Vishnu by Gajendra, the King Elephant, is one of the most magnificent hymns of bhakti from the.

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Retrieved from ” https: Click here to post a comment. The foot marks of Gaj can be gajendea engraved on the stones where it is said the incident took place and its on the banks of the river. The tale of Gajendra is an integral theme in Vaishnavism and has great symbolic value: On a hot day, he proceeded with his herd to a lake to cool off in its fresh waters.

Gajendra Moksha

The crocodile in its previous birth had been a Gandharva king called Huhu. Once a family of elephants, which inhabited the forest on the mountain, entered the garden led by their mammoth chief, Gajendra, and made it to a big lake in it to drink water and cool themselves. AAp sab logoka dhanyabad karna chaunga jo aaplogone net ke madhyam se ham logoko jankari die he ki gajendra mokshya strotra vachan karne yogya hai fajendra ham to hindu hai.


Gajendra tried for gajendraa long time to escape from the crocodile’s clutches. It is believed that this incident has gajdndra in Kabisthalamwhere there is a Gajendra Varadha Temple. Suddenly a crocodile living in the lake attacked Gajendra and caught him by the leg.

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Aditya Hrudayam lyrics and audio. Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam in legendary voice of M. Hanuman Chalisa HD Audio. Vishnu informed Gajendra that he, in one of his previous births, had been the celebrated King Indradyumnaa devotee of Vishnu, but due to his disrespect to the great Sage Agastyahe had been cursed to be reborn as an elephant.

Gajendra, in his previous life was a great devotee of Sri Hari called Indradyumna who was also a great king. Srimad Bhagavatam — Gajenndra Srikrishna Das. Suddenly, a crocodile living in the lake attacked Gajendra and caught him by the leg. The sage was furious and cursed the king to become a crocodile in his next life. In this episode, Vishnu came down to earth to protect Gajendra, the elephant, from the clutches of Makara, the Crocodile, and with Vishnu’s help, Gajendra achieved mokshaor salvation.

One day, Agastyaa great rishi sage came to visit the king, but Indradyumna remained seated, refusing to rise up to receive the sage with due respect.

Some words in Sanskrit do not match exact English words.


Gajendra Moksha – Wikipedia

There was once an elephant named Gajendra who lived in a garden called Rtumat which was created by Varuna. Learn how your comment data is processed. He trumpeted in pain and helplessness until he was hoarse. One day, when Indradyumna was busy with his austerities, the great Sage Agastya, came to visit the king.

Gajendra Moksha Stotra

Ganpati Stotra audio and lyric. Sanskrit Mantras- How it works? When he had spent his last drop of energy, Gajendra called to the god Vishnu to save him, holding a lotus up in the air as an offering. February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Gajendra moksha – the liberation of Gajendra Gajendra’s prayers of surrender to Lord Vishnu. Gajendra, in his previous life, was Indradyumna, a great king who was devoted to Vishnu.

Devala explained that he could not reverse the curse; he blessed Huhu that Vishnu would slay the crocodile and liberate him from the cycle of birth and death.

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