Dual detection: with transmitters and receivers in each panel, the PD i is the equivalent of two detectors in one. By scanning from both sides, the PD i. Allows full mobility of PDi walk-throughs by one person. No Lifting required. Move the detectors to a secure location when not in use and provide an. Passageway Interior Size. Width 30″ ( m). Height 80″ ( m). Depth 23″ ( m). Overall Exterior Size. Width 35″ ( m). Height 87″ ( m). Depth 23″ .

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Shipping weight 21 lbs 9. Walkthrough with casters will roll through doors more than 89″ in height without having to tilt the unit.

Contact Garrett for optional grarett. Desktop Remote Control Part No. Battery Modules These optional battery modules are field-installable assemblies that provide approximately ten hours of uninterrupted operation.

While recharging, a monitoring circuit allows the batteries to charge in less than 6 to 12 hours and then switches to trickle charge to ensure maximum charge without battery damage. Available for gray color scheme detector only. garret

  HP 4339B PDF

Garrett PD i Spanish Video

Remote Control Part Gqrrett. It allows control, real time monitoring and diagnostics from a remote location. Removable Magna Dolly Part No. Transportation Brace Part No. Environmental Cover, Soft Part No. Protects walkthrough electronics from heavy rain and dust.

Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Cable Feedthrough Kit Part No. For use with the Garrett PD i. Cover Support Part No.

For use with Garrett PD i Beige color scheme only. Ideal for schools, special events, and stadium use. Allows full mobility of PDi walk-throughs by one person. Move the detectors to a secure location when not in use and provide an unimpeded exit at the close of an event. Extreme stability combined with portability.

Two fixed casters with locking devices provides stable detector operation, while two swivel casters provide maneuverability. All terrain environment design. Durable, powder coated steel allows use in all types of environmental conditions. For wind speeds up to 20 mph 32 kph. Available with swivels on either 2 or 4 wheels.


Typical ten 10 hours battery operation per full charge. For use with the Garrett PDi walk-through metal detector. gartett

Can be charged and discharged many times over life span of battery up to 2, cycles. Includes red status light, indicating whether battery is in the process of charging or is fully charged. Includes Quick Change pack, with a bracket and cables, for fast battery replacement. Up to twenty 20 hours 65000i. Up to twenty 20 hours backup. Utilize group management function to control settings and analyze data on multiple walk-through detectors at one time.

With Garrett PD i only Check settings and diagnose issues with detectors on your network. Charging Cord Part No.

Garrett PD i Dimensions

Jumper Cord Part No. Floor Anchor Kit Part No. Stabilizer Base Part No. Permanent Magna Dolly Part No.

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