A major standalone space opera, this is Garth Nix’s first novel for older readers since the conclusion of the Old Kingdom trilogy and it’s worth the wait. A grand. Garth Nix, bestselling author of the Keys to the Kingdom series and Shade’s Children, combines space opera with a coming-of-age story in his YA novel A Con. A grand adventure that spans galaxies and lifetimes, A Confusion of Princes is From the fertile imagination of Garth Nix, internationally bestselling author of.

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Unfortunately, A Confusion of Princes fell short for me, but I wouldn’t discourage you from giving this book a chance if you’re a big Nix fan or a devoted lover of science fiction. Each of these, though, is reported to be inferior militarily to the Empire.

A Confusion of Princes

Much of his descriptions of his feelings came off as robotic and analytic. Lists with This Book.

Refresh and try again. If anyone had asked me how to improve this novel, I’d have z – cut the princely experiences shorter and make ordinary experiences longer and more meaningful. He learns this while avoiding being killed – usually not because of his own wits – and while gradually coming to terms with the realities of the Empire.

A Confusion of Princes Book Review

He just wakes up with a different mindset one day. I enjoy most of Garth Nix’s stuff, and it was interesting to read something that is more technology-based than magic-based.

I hope it gets made into a film. A real page-turner, this novel set in the far future follows the tradition of Kipling’s Captains Courageous with an overlay pfinces The Chosen One and “for love of a good woman”: I get people bond after sharing near-death experiences but I still need more development before I can think about shipping them in a romantic way.


Boy genius trains to crush alien invasion in sci-fi classic. Sabriel Lirael Abhorsen Clariel Goldenhand The main character was interesting and more or less likeable and when he wasn’t, he was mix to be that way.

Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller. The combination of Mektek, Bitek and Psitek is wonderfully intriguing – how an empire could get to the point where all three are valued, and used, and used in conjunction is fascinating.

We actually only get to know a very few characters, and most of cohfusion are ‘types’–including the love interest. This page was last edited on 29 Marchat I read Dune and kinda compare the two in my head because they were similar. Confjsion quickly discovers that his arrogant assumptions of privilege will get his teeth kicked in by regular folks.

A Confusion of Princes – Garth Nix – – Allen & Unwin – Australia

Although some characters are weak and receive little attention, they are only gart to reflect upon the lack of choice and individuality, a product of their engineering. As I mentioned before, there is no indication of how Khemri felt about anything, so I was often left puzzled over why he suddenly changed his mind. Passing references to smoking, drinking, and recreational drugs in some of the scenes featuring the princes who are age 17 and up.

Notice the progression, from UK to Yarth, with the face of the hero becoming smaller and smaller, and even when it is large enough to see the features, it pprinces still partially obscured? Najlepsi je koniec, ktory som absolutne necakal, a premyslam ci ho tam len nastrcil, alebo to ma byt nejake posolstvo.

Personally, I prefer Nix’s fantasy novels So a starship with all three kinds of Tek is a telepathic, living organism with mechanical prosthetics. Am I the only person who was seriously disturbed at the idea of mind-programmed humans serving the Princes?


Point of view Tips on technique 4: From the fertile imagination of Garth Nix, internationally bestselling author of the Old Kingdom and Keys to the Kingdom series. Despite a wheel literally falling off the Austin, Garth survived to return to Australia and study at the University of Canberra.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you’re aware that I’m not much of a sci-fi reader. Heinlein or campiness, bigotry and misogyny. This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. The priests are the servants of the Imperial Mind Which in turn is subservient to the Emperor.

They are taken at a young age, before they remember anything about their parents, selected by the ability to go through the process of becoming a Prince. And the world building was particularly interesting. There’s Our Hero being a distinctly unreliable narrator, and also growing and changing over the course of the book.

Barbara Douglas Certainly no worse than PG 12 in the British systemand a good book for young teens to read as they try to sort out what love and responsibility …more Certainly no worse than PG 12 in the British systemand a good book for young teens to read as they try to sort out what love and responsibility really mean.

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