Mahmud Gawan Madrasa is an old Islamic school (Madrasa), located in Bidar, Karnataka state of India. The school was built by Khwaza. 27 Reviews. #6 of 13 things to do in Bidar Centre Of The City, Bidar, India. Save .. Mahmud Gawan was the most progressive prime minister of Bidar. Most of. Mahmud Gawan, a merchant by vocation, arrived in Bidar kingdom ruled by the Bahamani kings in A.D. He was well versed in Islamic.

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Old-timey Education — Dr. Reviewed March 23, historical elegance. Report on the Antiquities in the Bidar and Aurangabad Districts, in the territories of His Highness the Nizam of Haidarabad, being the result of the third season’s operations of the archeological survey of western India, The madrasa is elevated on a high base with two stepped terraces.

This was all possible because Mahmud Gawan was familiar with renowned colleges at Samarkhand and Khorasan. Boarding and lodging were free. They obtained Gawan’s seal and affixed it on a blank paper and forged a letter inviting the king of Orissa to attack the Bahamani Kingdom. The open space behind the monument is used as cricket ground by locals, with the ball s often hitting the monument.

Another great structure to visit in Bidar. The Madarsa had an imposing three-story building with feet tall minarets in four corners. Remains of the monument stand strong amongst the chaos of urban settlement around it.


Retrieved from ” https: The founder had established a library of volumes in this university before his death; what became of it is not known. The letter was duly delivered to the king who was always in a drunken state. This article needs additional citations for verification. In the end ofit was invested by Aurangzeb himself. Reviewed September 19, It was built in the s and is an example of the regional style of Indo-Islamic architecture under the Bahmani Sultanate. Sri Manik Prabhu Temple – Humnabad.

Biography of a Great Islamic Educationist by Dr.

I CRAVE HISTORY: Madrasa of Mahmud Gawan, Bidar

These iwans are further marked by domes. Refresh If you already turned off the Ad Blocker. A gawna of wisdom, Mahmud enjoyed the trust and confidence of rulers, locals as well as that of foreign kingdoms, who had great respect for Mahmud.

After this capture, the madrasa was principally appropriated as barrack for a body of cavalrywhile a room or rooms near the left Minar were used to store gunpowder which exploded in an accident. It blew up fully of one-fourth of bidxr edifice, destroying the tower and entrance.

He captured Goa, the best part of Vijayanagar empire. Init was appropriated by Awrangzib for use as a military barrack. Without verifying the facts, the king sent for Gawan, and asked about the punishment to be meted out for treason. Mahmud Gawan Madrasa Native name Kannada: Life goes around normal as children play nearby and people go about their daily routine.

Gawan tried to get renowned scholars from Persia and other West-Asian countries for teaching and heading the now famous college. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


Complete view of Mahumad Gawan Madrasa. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

A Deccan story: Mahmud Gawan

Request Quote Book Now. Pre-Independence gazettes, 19th-century maps, forgotten corners of libraries and bits of conversation are pieced together painstakingly.

He ultimately reached to the post of prime minister and was much respected among the local population. Gawan also drew moral authority from a successful military campaign he led between andreigning in local chiefs who were harassing trading caravans coming from the sea-routes through treacherous hilly routes.

In-Cloud Lightning over Bidar 2. One of them told me a story about a prison being there inside the madrasa and prisoners being taken to chaubara thereafter for execution.

Monument of National Importance. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mahmud Gawan Madrasa. This is an imposing monument as you drive closer. The Sultan king showed him the letter. It also had big lecture halls, a prayer had and a matchless library of three thousand volumes. Chikmagalur 2 Day Trip.


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It is recorded that free boarding, lodging and education to over students from the world over was provided at any given time. Mahamud Gawan Madrasa is an outstanding structure. Inhe successfully put down a revolt in Nalgonda.