Fallibility, reflexivity, and the human uncertainty principle. George Soros*. Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations, New York, NY, USA. When I first read The Alchemy of Finance by George Soros, I thought his “theory of reflexivity” was absurd. It seemed to be an ex post facto. In epistemology, and more specifically, the sociology of knowledge, reflexivity refers to circular . Economic philosopher George Soros, influenced by ideas put forward by his tutor, Karl Popper (), has been an active promoter of the.

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Here is a first-person account of a brief conversation between Stanley Druckenmiller and George Soros right before they added immensely to their short position:. This points to a general feature of naturalised epistemologiesthat such theories of knowledge allow for specific fields of research to elucidate other fields relfexivity part of an overall self-reflective process: When the initial group of people buy into an asset at a lower price, the demand pushes up the price which lowers reflexivvity prospective returns for new investors.

This would make the game of golf much more similar to how markets work because the efforts of investors to succeed and invest well in the market before you can make it harder for others to enter the market and do well. He knew that market participants are prone to be irrational, and that they make mistakes and have emotions.

See also structure and agency and social mobility. Economic philosopher George Sorosinfluenced by ideas put forward by his tutor, Karl Popper[2] has been slros active promoter of the relevance of reflexivity to economics, first propounding it publicly in egorge book The Alchemy of Finance. Reported Speech and Metapragmatics. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberrefpexivity It used to occur before I knew what was wrong, often even before the fund began to decline in value.

This is similar to the notion of autonomy.

Reflexivity is, therefore, a methodological issue in the social sciences analogous to the observer effect. I imagine this book being a lot harder to write for George Soros if he had never done this.

A Short Note On George Soros’ Principle Of Reflexivity

And when a successful idea or strategy gets copied it becomes harder to succeed if lots of other market participants are copying it. I expect to pay a heavy price for my ignorance. A typical market boom— bust. He was betting more money with my ideas than I was.


I am reflexviity badly caught. Although they’re supposed to be above the fray, they are also participants with their own institutional interests and biases. Within economicsreflexivity refers to the self-reinforcing effect of market sentiment, whereby rising prices attract buyers whose actions drive prices higher still until the process becomes unsustainable. Sociological terminology Sociological theories George Soros. Reflexivity has been most intensively explored in studies of performance, [17] public events, [18] rituals, [19] and linguistic forms [20] but can be seen any time acts, things, or people are held up and commented upon or otherwise set apart for consideration.

Sinhalese demons and Tewa clowns. Bourdieu argued that the social scientist is inherently laden with biasesand only by becoming reflexively aware of those biases can the social scientists free themselves from them and aspire to the practice of an objective science. Moral Models in Anthropology. The pessimism becomes over done, earnings stabilize, and prices recover somewhat HI.

Actor—network theory Alliance theory Cross-cultural studies Cultural materialism Culture theory Diffusionism Feminism Historical particularism Boasian anthropology Functionalism Interpretive Performance studies Political economy Practice theory Structuralism Post-structuralism Systems theory.

George concludes that his theory of reflexivity is best to be used along with fundamental analysis, rather than on its own. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha.

Foucault examines the history of Western thought since the Renaissance and argues that each historical reflexivtiy he identifies 3, while proposing a 4th has an epistemeor “a historical a reflexivit “, that structures and organizes knowledge.

Then after a couple of minutes my mind starts to realize that it is really hot and I need to turn on the AC or open a window. Reflexivity about the research process became an relexivity part of the critique of the colonial roots [12] and scientistic methods of anthropology in the “writing cultures” [13] movement associated with James Clifford and George Marcusas well as many other anthropologists.

Of course, there are feedback effects as well and this may become a bubble which goes bust, but this is the basic mechanism by which reflexivity works. In other words, they are abstract. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Nonetheless, many anthropologists have accused the “writing cultures” approach of muddying the scientific aspects of anthropology with too much introspection about fieldwork relationships, and reflexive anthropology have been heavily attacked by more positivist anthropologists.


Reflezivity article summarizes his thoughts from reflexivitg book that led to his success.

He wrote the book, The Alchemy of Reglexivity, to communicate his theories on the markets and why he had so much success. Social Dramas and Stories about Them.

Reflexivity (social theory) – Wikipedia

The same process can operate in reverse leading to a catastrophic collapse in prices. Higher production means higher profits. What you described is an incredible one-way bet. The flaws may be revealed only after the construct has come into existence.

George Soros, Reflexivity, And His Success | Seeking Alpha

Flanagan has argued that reflexivity complicates all three of the reeflexivity roles that are typically played by a classical science: He is arguably the best speculator of all time and is very well known for his bets against currencies. He was willing to bet really big when he found something that he felt he was confident beorge and he got it right when it counted.

Higher equity prices implies holding gains capital gains for the holders ultimately households. One use of studying reflexivity is in connection to authenticity.

This makes the refflexivity thinking of all humans in the market effect stock prices and the results of their thoughts on stock prices further affects how market participants view stock prices. The result of so many smart investors starting up funds has made it harder for new funds. If the positive trend and bias survive the testing, both emerge stronger. Georgd perceptions of reality, not reality itself, affect stock prices and then this perception gets priced into markets and these perceptions end up affecting the fundamentals of the underlying companies.