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You are being challenged now to release the overlays of planet Earth from all multi-dimensional aspects of your selves. After all what is ascension? The author sees children as competent agents who can make decisions and be involved in the creation and development of the children’s environment. A bluewhite star appeared in my heart.

This is the simplest way to explain how matter is organized in a dense world based on electricity — why its structure contains so much blockages and resistances at the atomic and molecular level that prevent the free flow of magnetic energy, which is the manifestation of source energy in all lower holographic models of space-time forms and expressions.

Why not make the decision to ascend now?

Stankov’s Universal Law Press » The New General Theory of Science of the Universal Law

The collective dream of a planet and all self-expression forms present on this planet which share this dream will detach from the collective dream of all those self-expression forms which do not share this dream.

It resembles, indeed, the perfect energetic storm. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Now this same psychological transformation will be experienced by the majority of the humans and this will be the inner motor of profound social change. As you feel these strong sentiments, know that you are now fully, and finally, moving out beyond the confines of this expression in to a whole new expanded reality, the fifth dimension.


This is inevitable as we have already introduced the new conditions of superconductivity that eliminate the electricity of matter which is based on the intrinsic polarity of all elementary particles of the current dense matter. When the intensity of suffering became intolerable I reached out to the PAT for help. A New Spiritual Paradigm: And now these same energies are present all day long and even more intensely in the night.

Contrary to our sources which never give us a precise date, this source insists that the wave will begin with this summer solstice on June Let go of these energies — let them go through dedicated breathwork and their conscious release into a ball of golden-violet light, of infinite capacity, to be returned to the Central Sun for balancing and reunification with All.

It is a basic truth that this illusory reality can only be sustained as long as sufficient people believe in it. All of a sudden the rug was pulled away from under my feet and I realized in what a sinister world I lived — under communism in Bulgaria at that time, which was the real NWO that has ever been established on this planet — and then I changed for ever.


The author presents the state’s key strategic documents which are directly pertinent to UTA and researches the UTA phenomenon on a worldwide scale. These energies are powerful and Georgi and I have likened stajkov whole experience to standing under the Niagara Falls.

Stqnkov learning opportunities for the elderly Conference End Date: This phenomenon has been extensively discussed on this website since we began to prepare for the opening of the stargate Today I was hit by the most powerful wave I have ever experienced in terms of intensity and higher frequencies. The Ascension triad of the western hemisphere is complete and activated.

From now on everybody will experience the world he has created for himself with his thoughts. And the blue light body on top, victory is ours. Oct Publication Name: Very nice to hear similar things from different sources.


One of them is a boy named Orlando. The introduction of various chips in the body goes in the same direction.

Georgi Stankov –

As I wrote in early June, we proceeded with the establishment of the new energetic conditions of superconductivity in all further superimposed energetic systems such as the chakra system of the human body.

I know there are many lightworkers worldwide who are also feeling the intensity of these waves, even if they just recently opened up to the frequencies as second wavers. My guess is that the final culmination will be in August.

The Social Sciences Approach Tell me what you like more. Dimension gechannelt von Daniel Scranton, Do the authors of legislation, local authorities, designers and manufacturers of playground equipment ask their users about them?

Let us hope that now we shall see some big collapses as humanity seems to be georrgi for them before we can move to the 5D.

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The old complete system will be replaced by a new complete system. In order to be born, a shell must break.

Der Arkturianische Rat aus der 9. We opened a bluewhite ray portal extending from British Columbia to Germany and connecting to South America.

The number 10 represents numerologically the completion of the PAT journey in this lower 3D world. This kind of rapid ascension has never been done before and is considered the greatest adventure in the annals of all incarnated civilisations throughout space and time.