General. Although this weapon was originally designed for use by parachute troops, it can now be found in general use in all combat units of the German Army . Find great deals for Mp40 Mp Mp38 9mm German Submachine Gun Manual Handbook. Shop with confidence on eBay!. German MP40 Machinegun Military Shooting Tech Manual – FTF Industries is a one stop shop for hard to find tactical supplies, one of a kind gun parts, knives.

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Many map symbols are shown in some of the 15 illustrations in this manual, but it is an instructional manual, manuzl just a manual listing the map symbols.

Mp40 Mp-40 Mp38 9mm German Submachine Gun Manual Handbook

This little booklet 4 pages shows the basic signals given with a pair of signal staffs, and also a description sufficiently complete to make your own set. Please reference “Quick Troops – Mznual on your order.

If you march, you must do it correctly, of course. It has been a yerman since I enjoyed translating a book this much. I originally reproduced these three dictionaries with a total of 76 pages, and then found that some of the pages were missing from the back of the Bildsprecher dictionary I had.

Legacy Documentation – EcoTech Marine

Reformatted to 24 pages for easier printing, but containing all the original text and the numerous graphics. How many Euros to a Dollar? Click this link to see a fighter suck a bird into the engine; they bail out.

  0333 MCI PDF

Geran priority mail US postage. A police manual for training in the art of close combat with the rifle, mounted bayonet, and spade. This 27 page manual explains map scales, map reading, map terrain, road and railroad symbols, ground contour lines, and how to determine your own position and navigate in the country using the compass, sun, stars, and landmarks.

MP40 Machine Pistol Manual

Manuall reference “Drills and Commands” on your order. Originally pages, this is not germxn small edition, nor the abbreviated edition, but the complete version nearly one inch 2. This little manual 8 pages explains the setup, operation, and troubleshooting mqnual the bakelite boxed field telephone, and the Office Adapter 33, which was used for connecting to both field phones and the post office phone network of wartime Germany.

Read the sample pages below to get a feel for the writing style of the book. A brief overview of the instruction of the troops in close combat. Click this link Another helicopter wreck – pilot stupidity. Click on the Pages link below to read one of the lessons. This manual is WW2 German Army issue and is dated from This manual was originally about pages with wide margins, slightly reformatted and with lesser margins to make it 79 pages.

Please reference “Combat Examples” on your order. The original manual is 4″ W x 4.

If you want several manuals, a discount on postage may be available depending on weight over 13 ounces. To see how to place an order, click on the ” Orders ” link. This cover is dated frombut the revision updates listed inside the back cover of this manual geerman it to be current to Oct. Or, if you send too much money by check or Paypal, I’ll refund your discount with your manual or to your Paypal account.


Dated August 5, This is a manual for the German pioniers, which equates to the enginneers of the US Army. When these are gone, the hard cover version will no longer be available due to the high printing costs. Click this link How to pick up Navy Seals in their boat.

Originally pages in small format, now 64 pages, 8.

How to defend from and attack the T34 Russian Tank. See the table of contents for this one. This dated manual is a collection of scenarios with one or two lessons to be learned in each situation.

Most of the sketches have the enemy represented in red, which has been reproduced in this book. Click this link to see an round burst from an M A surprisingly good little recipe collection, with dishes not in the other cookbooks above.

THIS is a heck of a manual, and a primary source of information of how it was done in the day.

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