As to the book itself, the Glass Walker Tribebook for anyone who runs Werewolf the Apocalypse and has them in their party, it’s an invaluable tool. It’s written very . “And he said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.” Source : Core book revised / 20th Anniversary Edition / Glass Walker Tribebook. For Glass Walker Gifts of all ranks, see All Glass Walker Gifts. Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift (Boli Zouhisze). The Boli Source: Glass Walker Tribebook (revised) .

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Any technological spirit can teach this Gift. If the Garou additionally spends one Gnosis, the message does not appear to be encrypted — it seems to be an innocuous conversation, or an income-tax spreadsheet, or the like. If no technology whatsoever is present near the receiver, the Gift fails. No visibility modifiers or off-hand penalties affect his actions while this Gift is in effect. The more successes achieved, the longer the message can be.

An avatar of Cockroach teaches this Gift. Touching heated metal causes one aggravated, unsoakable Health Level of glaeswalker per round. A dove-spirit teaches this Gift.

Although it seems second-nature to us, the cerebral burden of controlling four autonomous appendages is computationally daunting, and tampered with only at great risk to the experimenter. The Glass Walker glasswaalker money spirits to change their denomination.

All Glass Walker Gifts | Werewolf: the Apocalypse – Wyrmfoe

GW tribebook revised High Pitch Transmitter Level 1, Gnosis 2 The ear of a wolf can hear sounds much, much higher than that of a human being. The Glass Walkers exploit this truth to draw more power from the modern profusion of technology, making their devices compatible with almost everything. Each success determines how accurately the message is conveyed. If a Glass Walker suspects that a Netspider is watching her Net activity, she may even choose to use this Gift, which magically protects data against snooping.


Wyrmfoe Werewolf the Apocalypse information source. With rare exception, any human facing a trbebook should be considered helpless. If successful, the Garou automatically knows which member of a group it would be best to approach to flasswalker results in her efforts. Good lists of saints can be found in books and on the Internet. Ironically, this attitude is most common among the Random Interrupts, and almost none know the Gift. A Net Spider teaches this Gift. Encryption created by ordinary mortal programmers requires one success to pierce; mundane encryption created by the top echelon of mortal programmers requires two successes to pierce.

To counter this, the Cyber Dogs have a Gift that banishes fear, anxiety or any other emotion. This Gift wreaks pure havoc in urban environments, as pipes burst and roads freeze. If the Storyteller feels the player is asking a greater favor than what was originally given to the ancestor, he is free to have the ancestor deny the call.

Chill of Early Glawswalker system: A chameleon-spirit teaches this Gift. Book of the City. The ally does not need to spend Gnosis or roll, but must also know the Gift. This ancestor will then perform a duty to make up for a favor the Glass Walkers did for him in his lifetime. The Glass Walkers have always needed the ability to hide in plain sight more than other tribes by virtue of being in plain sight so much more often.

This Gift allows the Wise Guy to shoot a victim in the physical world from the Umbra. With this Gift, the Corporate Wolf can attack and physically destroy another person by destroying their possesions. If a hard rribebook number is needed, assume each minute is one turn.

For the next day, any computer the Glass Walker uses — no matter how simple — becomes fully compatible with any other digital device, regardless of obstacles such as different operating systems, lack of physically compatible access ports, or even the complete absence of any means of receiving or interpreting a wireless signal.


A bee or ant-spirit teaches this Gift System: ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Worshipping tribebopk tools confuses the master with the servant.


The greatest toll a Soldier has is her equipment. There is no limit to how many times this Gift may be used on a person, but each use requires the expenditure of one Gnosis. The City Father or a glass-spirit teaches this Gift. The Glass Walker must don a crown of some description, a hat, or even a scrap of fabric wrapped around their head will do.

But he makes excellent cover, and it is to this purpose that the Gift is usually employed.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. This Gift is usually taught by a City Father or Mother, often in return for the accomplishment of a great deed.

This Gift is taught by Weaver spirits. This machine can still be damaged by direct attacks. The Garou safeguards one machine against natural corrosion or adverse weather for one day tribeebook success. This Gift allows a homid to become more persuasive when dealing with others, in such a way that his statements and arguments are imbued with added meaning or credibility.

The Storyteller determines the precise effects. They dig their roots in and grow. The Garou can cause plants to take root and grow in places where it is usually impossible for plants to grow.

Worshipping monsters, now, that has some more flair. June 24, Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.