Green Illusions: The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy and the Future of Environmentalism (ISBN ), by Ozzie Zehner, was published in by. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Zehner, Ozzie. Green illusions: the dirty secrets of clean energy and the future of environmentalism / Ozzie. Green Illusions. The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy and the Future of Environmentalism. Ozzie Zehner. Our Sustainable Future Series. pages 12 illustrations.

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Green Illusions Summary | Ozzie Zehner | 6-Minute Summary

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It’s a book that is very provocativ Everyone should read this book. Instead, we need to curb our rampant consumerism without asking the scientists and engineers to solve the problem for us. This book is important.

The second half of the book covers the social engineering that would help to alleviate our over-consumption of energy. So, too, are other areas that he thinks are given short shrift in green circles: The author’s basic premise is that technology is not a panacea and we need to completely revise our way of thinking about energy. It’s a book that is very provocative. But even if the researchers are wrong, there is a more fundamental illusion at work on the electric-car stage.

Five big data trends forecasted for ErpinnewsDecember 17, The sludge output of the average American yields enough power to light a standard compact florescent light bulb without end. Highly recommend for other environmentally-minded people.

Green Illusions – Wikipedia

Does the government here seriously believe that people can fall back on supposed huge amounts of green technology jobs if coal and oil disappear? But they are even harder when all the focus is on electric cars.

Perhaps the book is strongest in its ability to link environmental issues to social ones. At first glance, regrowables look like a great replacement for our dwindling conventional energy sources.


He reminds us that scholarship cannot only show us where we’ve gone wrong in our thinking and actions, but in piercing through the fog of our own desires, carve out a realistic path forward. This isn’t a big oil book. If consumption is the problem, as Ozzie Zehner suggests, then we need to shift our focus from suspect alternative energies to improving social and political fundamentals: You’ll always get noticed, talked about, published, interviewed, etc.

Everything I want to divide this book into two sections – the first section is awesome. Dieter Schroder would have given him an “F” for being orders aehner magnitude off. This motion infographic renders: It just was too much “eloquence” and not enough rationale.

In doing so, their findings draw attention away from the broad array of transportation options available—including living zehber, bicycling, and using mass transit. I don’t even know how I actually picked it up and ordered it, but I’m glad I did.

Like I mentioned above, the book can open the eyes of many diehard believers such as me that perhaps our dreams aren’t as rosy as we’d like it to be. I’m not saying he may not make a good point although he never responded when asked to back it upbut it’s certainly not zehnee of the overwhelming consensus on this book.

Installing filters is of no help because they produce a toxic sludge that poisons the groundwater. California is mulling four giant lithium-ion storage facilities of MW each, starting by Also, it was sort of like trying to figure out what someone, who is mumbling to themselves, is really talking about.

At first, it seems to have been written by some oil company, as it points out the shortcomings of green alternative sources of energy. For anyone with any interest in the planet, our society, and sustainability, Green Illusions is a must. If this were just some conservative oil loving blowhard’s diatribe about how alternative energy sucks I would have never bothered picking up zeehner book. Want to Read saving….

That investing in electric vehicle development, which is really simply subsidizing our addiction to car culture, might not be the wisest use of a nation’s limited resources, particularly if the immediate benefits are marginal.


Want to Read Currently Reading Lllusions. I wrote about the section on carbon taxes vs energy taxes. Solar power is inefficient. View all 5 comments. The section on child advertising is shockingly relevant and eye-opening. Just like solar energy. This book is pivotal as the environmental movement evaluates its options. California is already slated to get 50 percent of its electricity from clean sources byand the legislature is considering a bill that illussions require it to reach percent by In short, the book quite effectively tears down all the popular “green” solutions, for a variety of reasons: Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

All this has happened in spite of wind and solar-generated electricity enjoying subsidies nearly 50 times higher per unit of energy output than ordinary coal and times higher than natural gas.

Why did we ever think electric cars would be clean in the first place? Other suggestions include moving away from living in the suburbs to cities, which can make communities more walkable and friendly to public illuaions and allow use of more bicycles and greeh on.

Ozzie Zehner | Author of Green Illusions

The latter parts deal with how to move forward. Wow – an eyeopener. The author argues that carbon taxes allow other side effects of energy production like radiation, groundwater pollution, and deforestation to go zehnwr without the same tax penalty.

If city leaders wish to reduce urban smog, for example, they might well recognize that 80 percent of it flows from just 20 percent of the vehicles experiencing poor zegner, Zehner said.