We’re proud to announce that Atomic Overmind Press is teaming up with writer and RPG designer extraordinaire Greg Stolze (Unknown Armies. Reign is an RPG by Greg Stolze. It uses the One Roll Engine (ORE) and focuses on leadership and the interplay between factions. It comes. Well, following this convoluted logic, then REIGN is that young woman . Greg Stolze commented once that he might stat up some of the occult.

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Heroes from the outside world must bring aid, but culture is not easily stilled long enough to be engineered, especially amongst the weird distortions of the Naglisitu’s corrupted time.

Reign: Rules

The world of Arcadia, home of the Ninth Legion. Refresh and try again. Greg designed the system of Reign to, in addition to being its own thing, function as a capstone system for running organizations in other systems. For overseas backers, costs ztolze naturally be higher, but we are committed to finding the best-cost solution possible for you.

Reign Returns!

There is an optional rule for random generation of a character with a single roll of the dice “one-roll engine,” remember determining stats, skills, a vague character history and some starting inventory. The game has several supplements, which are released as PDFs using the ransom model.

After those goals, you’ll see a set of backer stretch goals with purple banners. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. More feedback from fans indicated that one-roll Ulds and Truils should find a home in Supplement 7.

Greg Stolze {STOL-zee} – Hi. My name is Greg Stolze, this is my web page, and I write books.

A dawn raid by the player characters to sabotage an enemy shipyard, for example, may reduce the enemy nation’s Might by 1, allowing their grrg nation a better chance of making the roll to feign tomorrow’s sea battle. Sometimes you want a wide set, sometimes you want a high set. The two books are Reign: Nothing in life is a sure thing, but we’re as confident as one can be that Reign 2E can be completed and delivered to backers by our target date.


The underlying mechanics, the one roll engine OREseemed a bit clunky at first read, but as I read more and more examples of their use sstolze the book I became more intrigued by them and now want to see how they actually play out in a game. Return to Book Page.

Fifty years ago, the dwarves just Josh rated it it was amazing Nov 01, Hardbackpages. The risks and challenges for actually executing on this grey are fairly low, outside of your usual act-of-the Universe type occurrences.

It’ll pay for all the brand new color art, the layout and design done in house by Hal Mangoldand the printing of the book.

Matt Ryan rated it liked it Apr 03, Rules Special Edition print book Reign: Secrets of Sorcery shows exactly how to build your own spells and schools from the ground up. Imagine a game with elements of investigation and elements of big hairy fights. I got it because it’s a game that’s apparently got a lot of play from the designers of Diaspora, a game that I really like, and I thought it would be worth taking a look at solely based on that.

Muhulca city in Opetka.

Open Preview See a Problem? Shipping will be charged using Backerkit when we are finally ready to get the project physically into your hands. Reward no longer available. This applies to chase, intrigue and other rules systems as well.

In this way the PC’s adventures can directly affect the political landscape of the setting while at the same time the conflict between different Companies can affect the PC’s adventures.

Reign – Greg Stolze {STOL-zee}

The usefulness of Companies can go both ways. Pierre-emmanuel rated it liked it Feb 05, Provides not one, not two, but three separate campaign frameworks for REIGN, ranging from roguish scumbags in Uldholm, to Ob-lob pirates, to the people who really run The Empire. Overall an interesting game that I’m now looking forward to giving a try.


The world is also intriguing. Aliens send a colossus to Earth as the vanguard of their invasion. It reminds me a bit of Glorantha in that it follows the laws of myth rather than reality, with three dimensional continents on a flat ocean, and an unmoving sun in the sky. Reclaim what the dwarves took from your people and reverse the Ragnarok that has gripped Midgard.

By Rabbit and Brandes Stoddard. Rules will feature a red faux leather, and Realms will be bound in blue. The dwarves came with their massive, metal destroyers and our ancestors bound their spirits to the bones of dead giants to fight back. It’s a way to bring creative projects to life.

Outback most basic level of support. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Reign is a high fantasy game where you can give quests instead of taking them. You’ll get physical print versions of both rulebooks, and be eligible for purchasing additional copies at substantially less than retail.

We can be there in three days’ ride. A couple of anons are purportedly working on a Reign adaptation of Reign of Steel. I ended up liking this game a lot more than I thought I would. The time has come ggreg bring it back, in an updated, expanded, polished, reorganized, full color version.

This also opens the way for a certain amount of ad-libbing by the players.

On the other hand, it also lets you play the kind of game you want by offloading some tasks onto your underlings.