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The following are organ-specific contraindications to lung donation: As a result, the assessment and exclusion of potential donors demands the evaluation of a rather long list of contraindications and meeting quite rigorous selection standards, which are generally more extensive than those for organ donation C. Spinal reflexes can be inhibited through the use of muscle relaxants once the diagnosis of brain death is established D.

Preliminary observation through the report of 2 cases]. Ventricular hypertrophy alone is not associated with a higher post-transplantation risk of mortality B but should be considered when associated with other risk factors, such as a donor age over 55 years old and meico ischemia time exceeding 4 hours C.

Transmission camops glioblastoma multiforme through liver transplantation. Some organ-specific features concern donor age, which ideally should be less than 50 years old, hemodynamic stability and adequate blood glucose during the donor maintenance period. An individual with a history of hemodialysis in the past 12 months.

Deceased donors with a past history of malignancy: While several hypotheses have been proposed to account for the occurrence of these reflex movements, the underlying mechanisms are not yet fully understood. Rev Bras Ter Intensiva. The characteristics of ideal heart donors are as follows: Despite the higher mortality of unimec who received hearts from donors greater than 64 years old, age does not represent an absolute contraindication to heart donation D.


Cases with local bacterial infection are also contraindicated. Biopsy of the potential donor’s liver combined with other variables, such as cold ischemia time, age and laboratory tests, may guide the donation decision D.

The impact of transplantation with deceased donor hepatitis C-positive kidneys on survival in wait-listed long-term dialysis patients.

Therefore, goytzcazes systematic search of individuals with brain death is crucial to correct identification flaws Guka.

Intestine donation is contraindicated whenever eventual transmission of an infectious or neoplastic disease is associated with poorer prognosis or progression compared with the existing intestinal disease B. Donors must always be carefully assessed clinical history, physical examination, auxiliary tests and surgical inventory during organ removal to avoid the accidental transmission of neoplasms see question Patient and graft survival implications of simultaneous pancreas kidney transplantation from old donors.

Strong recommendations should be understood as “we recommend” and weak recommendations as “we suggest”. Organ-specific contraindications to liver donation for transplantation are cirrhosis, infections, parenchymal or pedicle lesion or trauma. The main limitation of these tests is that they might demonstrate cerebral blood flow in patients with some degree of skull opening, such as children under 1 year of age, individuals with open head injuries or after extensive craniotomy.

Bem Estar – Parcelamento, financiamento e até consórcio ajudam a pagar plástica

Department of Health and Human Services. The decision to accept donors with primary CNS tumors must be based on a judicious analysis following the classification formulated in the Council of Europe recommendations Table 5 D. Donor selection in heart transplantation. Outcome of transplantation of organs procured from bacteremic donors.


Unimed Campos

Individual randomized controlled trials with narrow confidence intervals. The project chairs presented recommendations, which were then discussed.

International perspective on the diagnosis of death. Scalp, earlobe and nasopharyngeal recordings of the median nerve somatosensory evoked P14 potential in coma and brain death. Questions about the use of organ donors with tumors of the central nervous system. Chagas seropositive donors in kidney transplantation.


The donation of kidneys for transplantation may be contraindicated based on the 1 risk of disease transmission, 2 donor’s kidney function, 3 donor’s age and 4 histological condition of the kidneys. Because the law in Brazil requires the performance of confirmatory tests, we might safely set an interval equal to 4 to 5 times the drug half-life for patients without liver and kidney failure and not subjected to therapeutic hypothermia, and preferentially choose tests that are capable of assessing cerebral blood flow, which is not affected by CNS depressants.

How should the apnea test be performed? Any hindrance to the performance of some part of the brainstem function assessment might raise doubts regarding the diagnosis of brain death and, concomitantly, represent a situation of ethical-legal non-compliance with the stipulations of law no.

This situation is a consequence of the peculiarities inherent to this type of donation because, in contrast to the different organs, tissues are usually transplanted for rehabilitation purposes.

The medicco associated with the procedure should always be considered in relation to the high risk of the death of patients on the transplant waiting list. Culture of respiratory secretions should also be performed for lung donors. J Clin Exp Hepatol. A woman who uniimed sex with a man with a history of having sex with men in the past 12 months. UK guidance for non-heart-beating donation. The risk of transmission of these diseases is considered to be lower than the risk of death exhibited by meidco waiting for transplant organs.

It should be noted that the Brazilian Ministry of Health ordinance no. Multiorgan procurement from a victim cyanide poisoning.

This matter is beyond the mere technical sphere; it is hoytacazes humanitarian and civic issue that concerns all actors involved in the maintenance of brain-dead potential donors, among whom intensivists should play a leadership role.