GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition The current version of the Basic Set is the Fourth Edition. GURPS Lite – A page distillation of the basic GURPS rules. Steve Jackson Games; /; GURPS; /; GURPS 3rd Ed. GURPS Lite Third Edition is a page distillation of the basic GURPS Third Edition rules. It covers the. From the publisher’s website: GURPS Lite Third Edition is a page distillation of the basic GURPS Third Edition rules. It covers the essentials of character.

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Unless you’d like to. I have been using a generic system called Cortex for the last couple years now. Aug 12, Posts: I have searched for a GURPS game on several occasions and even sat in on two different ones, but neither were to my taste. Fri Jun 25, 5: Now it is one of my favorite if yet least used systems.

Since they’re heroes and Big-bad guys dont roll any and only die at -2xHPa Mooks and minions are “out” when their HP falls below 0. I made it through 6 years of engineering school without learning what all the buttons on my calculator did, but Palladium apparently wanted me to do so. Coincidentally, the first available report was inthe year 4th edition came out.

GURPS Lite (Third Edition)

But in an effort to unify the rule system and character creation, fourth edition actually made it more difficult for new players to digest.

All rights are reserved by Steve Jackson Pite. This just gives you a framework that allows for ANY story.


Not sure if it was time slot, day, the version of the game or what. Even then they were not absolute or limiting. This is what he was going to run so we might as well like it. Maybe even one of those missing solo training adventures. October 26th, at I GM with the idea of “let’s start out crunch-free, and then if you want we can add more stuff.

I haven’t found a comprehensive listing of the design decisions that went into the new edition, only that “they wouldn’t publish one until they could justify it. Maybe after I move to Lexington I can find a group that knows what a good game truely is. Maybe you try out some casual dice games as well, or some other card games, or a board game eep. Most have been of my own creations sans the Star Wars, Supernatural, and Firefly. Aug 31, Posts: Another is giving more people access to edit and remake this so they can customize the “Core” document to suit their needs.

Oh, and more bang skills also called wildcard skills. You could actually build a superhero without breaking all semblance of balance.

I would however be very interested in playing in one. But to be honest, an endless dungeon crawl is probably the worst sort of RPGing — if you just want to play with dice, I would suggest craps, which you can make some money at besides. If you have to roll some dice, roll some dice usually three of them and the GM, who actually has to know the rules, will tell you what happened.


I just do not have the time while I am running 5 games.

Index of /gurps

I am in the process of a bigger revamp, so stay tuned. Personally I think the sourcebooks eidtion great but I think there’s too much realism Total 14 nights sitting here running or playing not counting prep work for both games I’m running.

The 3rd edition book also included two adventures for new players, which is something so important for onboarding that it boggles the mind how they could leave it out of 4th. However, I was quickly repelled by its overbearing complexity and poor organization. Only the Groggiest of Grognards.


Here you specify how your character’s technology knowledge relates to the technology level surrounding your litd, and the character’s literacy. Which edition and is it one shot or not?

It’s easy to use 3rd edition stuff with 4th edition rules. And I do mean all sorts of activities. No myth gaming is a style of play where nothing exists unless the GM has described it. I recently bought Chez Geek and the two normal expansions. If you are interested in llite low fantasy survival game, we got a single spot open that you may want to check out. Now, all this may 3dd be moot anyway. Enough to create 4 Roles of Characters Defender.