I send you a good paper that prove my transformation and my quantization of gravity is completely right and agreed completely also with Hafele-Keating. The Hafele–Keating experiment was a test of the theory of relativity. In October , Joseph C. Hafele, a physicist, and Richard E. Keating, an. I teach physics, and I love the Hafele-Keating experiment as a way to introduce relativity. Because the experiment has a lot of charisma, it’s cool to be able to.

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When reunited, the three sets of clocks were found to disagree with one another, and their differences were consistent with the predictions of special and general relativity. However, the two setups share the same frame of reference – so either both setups are invalid for SR, or both are valid. A Sphere of keatng.

Refutations of aether theory Refutations of emission theory.

The time difference expression should be valid, but in comparing the aircraft clock to the surface clock, we should find that it has fallen behind, so we can model that time difference by. When reunited, the three sets of clocks were found to disagree with one another, and their differences were consistent with the predictions keatkng special and general relativity. The results were verified to a higher degree of accuracy.

When they returned and compared their clocks with the clock of the Observatory in Washington, D. In his original paper on special relativity[6] Einstein suggested a possible test of the theory: Does this not make the fixed stars a physically privileged reference frame? Retrieved from ” https: Hafelr a photo on p. In OctoberJoseph C.


Hafele-Keating Experiment

This is similar to the situation of Fig. The height and velocity terms were predicted by Einstein in and — however the Sagnac term was unknown to Einstein when he wrote his papers on special relativity, so this effect was never anticipated by Einstein.

Those signals were sent to the plane, reflected, and again received at the ground station. An article reproducing a graph of their data.

I would be grateful to anyone who could e-mail me with any of the following:. Hafele and Keating Experiment “During October,four cesium atomic beam clocks were flown on regularly scheduled commercial jet flights around the world twice, once eastward and once westward, to test Einstein’s theory of relativity with macroscopic clocks.

They made airline flights around the world in both directions, each circuit taking about three days.

Did Hafele and Keating Prove Einstein Wrong?

Any biographical information about Hafele or Keating. If we take the center of the earth as an approximation to an inertial frame, then we can compute the difference between a surface clock and the aircraft clock.

Taking a “proper time” at the earth’s center as if the master clock were there, the time measured by a clock on the surface would be larger and that for the airborne clock would be approximately since to the level of the approximations used, the height of the aircraft does not significantly change the radius R. The crew of each flight helped by supplying the navigational data needed for the comparison with theory.


In the Hafele—Keating experiment, there was a slight increase in gravitational potential due to altitude that tended to speed the clocks back up. This agrees with the relativistic predictions to a precision of about 1. Archived from the original on The kinematic effect was verified jeating the Ives—Stilwell experiment and in the Rossi—Hall experiment. Fizeau experiment Sagnac experiment Michelson—Gale—Pearson experiment.

Physics > General Physics

Translated by Perrett, W. Redefining Motion after the Hafele and Keating Experiment. Explorations in Mathematical Physics: Navy plane and clock used for Alley’s Chesapeake Bay experiment [ Full resolution ] These photos show a plane and set of atomic clocks used in keqting experiment by Alley et al.

An article from later in the decade, describing the golden age of experimental tests of general relativity during the lead-up to the construction of the GPS system. Article in Google Books.