Hanwha XD20H For Sale Used Automatic Screw Machines & Lathes, Swiss Type , CNC Orca Machine Tools Inc. Tel. Read the latest news from our company: IEMCA Smart IV with HANWHA XD20H and XD20J | NEWS | (GB / EN). Consult HANWHA MACHINERY’s entire CNC AUTOMATIC LATHE XD SERIES HANWHA FANUC i/Siemens D/Mitsubishi M(XD20H Only) HANWHA.

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Multi-Flute Series Cutting Tools. Linear Rotary Motor with Gearbox.

Had to send the new print back as it too was incomplete. How would you have made it on the lathe you were running prior to getting the swiss? Compact and Short Bar Loaders.

Hanwha Swiss Turn

Advertising Information Advertising Uploads. Sabre Wet Blasting System.

I added the chamfering thing on the stock to get rid of the hanwba and stuck to Dave the Hamwha guy’s theory of one pass turning. Doing most of the hole on main side with HP coolant and carbide oil hole drill and the rest on the sub side. Mobility in Laser Marking. After ahnwha half the second day getting a print with all the missing dimensions and getting the first part, We were told we had the wrong print.


Horizontal Vertical and Turning Centers.

Follow us on All times are GMT Modular Manufacturing Systems and Gear Hobbing. New Stallion Series Turning Center. The part also has a.

Oil Mist Separation Line. Tap Program for Efficient Threading of Stainless. Side-Load Robotic Welding Cell.

Used HANWHA machinery for sale

New Solenoid Valve Connectors. One guys “nice and loose” may be another guys “snug” etc. Are you having problems with the actual machining of the part, i. New Swiss Laser Machine. We tooled up as much as haneha could as the machine wasn’t fully installed yet. Remember the basics about your guide bushing land so you don’t retract too far, make sure its snug enough that you can hold your roundness to at least a half thou. New Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers.

Fiber Lasers and Precision Laser Technology. I Never programmed or ran a Swiss before-just three axis mills and two axis lathes. Flexible PartMaker Version to be Previewed. I’ve found most training to be as you described it, rushed and not as informative and “hold your hand the whole way” as you’d like.

Precision Turning Milling Grinding Machines. It’s all in my lap now as of monday. Global Partnership for Cleaning Technology Organization. New Broaching Tools and Angle Heads. Rigid Linear Motor Driven Technology.


Versatile Mobile Surface Measurement System. NEVER forget what you have learned. Installation issues, training issues, tight time constraints, and to add insult to injury, the first job you have to run in the machine is SS. New Filter Technology and Applications. Latest Rotating Carbide Tools. Modular Industrial Benchtop Vending. Supposedly the programs were written, samples were made by the Dealer and approved by the customer. The manufacturing we write about is the machining or fabricating that results in the creation of components, i.

Advanced Clamping and Gripping Technologies. New Minimum Quantity Lubrication System. I am stringing up and pushing the part back. Multi-Axis Low Profile Vise. Don’t get crazy with the high pressure and use it as a be all end all situation, most of the time you can alleviate most chip issues by changing your methodology.

Workspace and Storage Solutions. The place I work at just bought a Hanwha Xd20H to do fittings out of ss. Expansive Range of Machine Tools and Automation.