Harry Lorayne, renowned brainiac, is most famous for his memory I bought a copy of Lorayne’s How to Develop a Super-Power Memory after. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Full text of “How To Develop A SUPER POWER MEMORY Harry Lorayne”. See other formats. NOW -AT LAST-YOU CAN TRAIN YOUR MEMORY SO THAT YOU .

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You might try the same thing with other rooms in your home. Those who read to remember and those who read to forget.

Amaze Your Friends Leam the incredible ” digit” memory feat and astound your friends. Despite the old school techniques, the book stood out in the minds of young students.

You have to have your car washed now we know that it must rain today ; make a deposit at the bank; mail a letter; see your dentist; pick up the umbrella that you forgot at a friend’s house you hadn’t read the chapter on absent-mindedness, as yet ; buy some perfume for your wife;, call or see the television repairman; stop at the hardware store for bulbs, a hammer, a picture frame, an extension cord and an ironing board cover; go to the bookstore to buy a copy of this book for a forgetful friend; have your watch repaired; and finally, bring home one dozen eggs.

Your first thought, probably is that this is an easy ques- tion to answer. Pick the association which you think is most ridiculous and see it in your mind’s eye for a moment. You probably are anxious to know the answer to my second question.


Full text of “How To Develop A SUPER POWER MEMORY Harry Lorayne”

Try it and see! You might see yourself reading a gigantic bottle instead of a paper, or writing on a gigantic bottle instead of on paper. You weren’t interested in the amount of stops, therefore they didn’t register in your mind at all, and you didn’t remember them.

This is not a particularly new thought. I’ve had people look at it as many as ten or fifteen times, and they were willing to bet anything that they knew just what it said. Your lips, tongue and teeth are used in the same identical way to deveelop P and B, or F and V, or J, sh, eh, etc.

How To Develop A SUPER POWER MEMORY Harry Lorayne

In order to make the associa- tions in the first place, you must really see and observe the picture on the page. Your mental pic- ture must be ridiculous or illogical. Or, picture being served dinner in a gigantic donut instead of a plate. For the word, “hoof,” it’s best to picture a horseshoe; for “hose” you can see cither a garden hose, or ladies’ hose; for “hinge,” picture the associated item being hinged.

Some years ago I read an article supsr a mmemory magazine about a professor who was trying some sort of experiment. Miles said about the same thing, “What one has never properly realized, one cannot properly be said memorg remember either. It also proves that if you were as interested in other things, you would be able to remember them just as well.


If you do, just remember the phrase, “piece of pie. If you have trouble memorizing your cues tk a play, why not associate the last word of the other actor’s line to the first word of your line. Just associate washing the car with your peg word for 1 tie.

Writing everything down on paper without trying to remember, is going against all the basic rules for a stronger and better memory.

How to develop a super-power memory

Try to observe everything in it with- out using the Peg or Link systems. Jan 24, Kother rated it it was amazing.

Take a piece of paper, and without looking around you, list every- thing in the room. User Review – Flag as inappropriate download this book. The entire Link method boils down to this: However, you needn’t do all these errands in sequence just because you used the Link method to remember them. So, I’ll teach you now, what I call the Link method of memory.

Though a couple of age old techniques that seems outdated, this non fiction title stood out for its engaging writing. See what you missed.

Although I’m sure that many of you will find some prac- tical use for it, one of the memory stunts I sometimes use 78 Speeches, Articles, Scripts and Anecdotes in my shows is the hqrry test. This is so because the Jack represents 11, the Queen — 12 and the King —