Hawkmoon RPG is obviously based on the four books by Michael Moorcock that form the cycle The History of the Runestaff. Like Stormbringer. Hawkmoon RPG: Science & Sorcery in Earth’s Far Future (Boxed Set) [Kerie Campbell-Robson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The warrior called Hawkmoon was once an assassin sent to kill Count Brass, his Starting the Eternal Champion RPG line, Hawkmoon takes players to our.

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RPG Retrospective: Hawkmoon – Department V

We thought the game looked pretty cool, but never had a chance to play it or even roll up charactersthough I seem to recall PCs were assumed to be much more “Law-oriented” than the standard sorcerers of Stormbringer.

Barbarian hordes sweep across the land while civilization decays in doomed castles. Special rules are provided for chariots, for Sorcery, Contriving and other arcane haakmoon, and for creating other planes of the Multiverse.

You face the same sorts of situations and dangers that Elric, Moonglum, Dorian Hawkmoon, and Corum encountered, but this time you must win those legendary victories. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There is of course the non-human race known as the Melniboneans but they are little more functionally speaking than an eldritch and sorcerous hawkmooj of decadent humans. Freyda’s quest takes her across the land of llmiora to observe the breadth of the destruction which always follows in Elric’s wake.

When French translator Oriflam went out of material for translation they wrote their own supplements among them a France sourcebook, of courseand when Chaosium changed Stormbringer to Elric! This remarkable temple is dedicated to the worship of Kakatal, Lord of the Fire Elementals.

Yet, like all rpf Elric books, it can be read as a whole unit without reference to previous books. Illustrations, diagrams and a pull out map are provided to help the gamemaster vividly portray the events of this epoch. Uses a much-evolved and modified version of Chaosium’s Basic Role Playing rules set. Upon r;g vacuum the greedy theocrat of Pan Tang cast a crafty eye.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Soon a new emperor will come to the Ruby Throne, and rescue Melnibone from its dotage. Andreas Davour 08 December, However, control of Elric is delicate, at best. He was not known to waste his time on trifles.

GROGNARDIA: Retrospective: Hawkmoon

There they built beautiful kingdoms, each based upon the principles of balance. I ran a Hawkmoon campaign during the summer ofand found it to be an eminently enjoyable experience.

This series, currently consisting of the games Stormbringer and Hawkmoonis based on the fantasy novels written by noted author Michael Moorcock.

Avalon Hill is proud to present this exciting saga as a game for all to enjoy. Let us give hawkmono age cause to hate us” Imrryr, the dreaming city; Yyrkoon, the hated usurper; Cymoril, the beloved Add a copy to your collection. In the field of heroic fantasy, Moorcock is the acknowledged master Me too, although I like Dorian Von Koln.

He rails against the gods of chaos, his culture, and his proud ancestors. He answered Hawkmoon on the basis that he never felt real to him.

Indeed, this difference was the main reason why I picked up Hawkmoon instead of Stormbringer 22 years ago. All of this is moot of course since there will be no more EC products from Mongoose. Which way for a new version of OpenQuest?

RPG Retrospective: Hawkmoon

Hwakmoon from its lack of support and relative obscurity, I’m guessing that it never did very well. An extensive section titled Getting Here presents to the gamemaster capsulized methods for getting the adventurers involved with the Shattered Isle scenarios, including a variety of options for both Young Kingdoms and Tragic Millenium Earth adventurers. A lovesick young nobleman finances a search across Ilmiora, the Sighing Desert, an the Weeping Waste in search of his nawkmoon love.


Risking their very existence, such heroes reap the reward of fabulous magical knowledge or exotic technological weaponry. Age has dulled the bright empire, tarnished its beauty, and weakened its people.

Mighty spells, ancient artifacts, giant Hawkmooon Barges, and fearsome dragons haqkmoon be met and overcome in addition to the massive armies behind them. As I have a high opinion of MRQII, I may check it out assuming that it doesn’t suffer from the irritating editing problems that plague so many of Mongoose’s products.

I supported because… “chk chk chk chk sssssssssaaaaaa! He writes with a mix of intelligence and sarcasm that appealed to me. They are intended, when used together, to si One of these days I remember an interview in which Moorcock was asked which of his characters he liked less. And for those of us tired of explaining why our worlds are not controlled by the hawkmopn more powerful elven and dwarven races, this games’ human-only content is quite refreshing.

Hawkmoon (role-playing game)

Imperial garrisons in the far-flung Southern Kingdoms are brought home to Imrryr, the dreaming city, their need apparently past. As for Moorcock’s character ‘Hawkmoon,’ I find him to be rather shallow and uninteresting. I kind of saw it as a feature. Ironically, it might be because I like the Hawkmoon stories that I find it harder to work up interest in the RPG than I do with Stormbringersince my feelings about the Elric tales are decidedly more mixed.

Dorian Hawkmoon, Duke of Koln, is an incarnation of the Eternal Champion and the sworn enemy of the foul Granbretan empire.