Hayduke Lives! has ratings and reviews. Geoff said: The follow-up to the eco-warrior’s bible The Monkey-Wrench Gang has our heroes once again c. Hayduke Lives! In a way it was fun to meet Hayduke and the Gang again but this book is not as well written as The Monkey-Wrench Gang and a bit too long. Then, George Hayduke reappears–visible at first only in random acts of terrorism against a giant fuels conglomerate that seeks to mine.

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Hayduke Lives! : A Novel by Edward Abbey (, Hardcover) | eBay

To visit the region involved would without a doubt complete the picture painted, but the book is by no means a failure. Jul 28, Gary Letham rated it liked it. Read it if you enjoyed MRG, otherwise skip it.

Edward Abbey has a way with words And Edward Abbey, he is dead, but here he is talking again in “Hayduke Lives! But over all I enjoyed this book very much and was glad i read it.

Then the state moves in, railroads some of the leaders into prison, murders a few others for educational purposes, clubs and gasses and jails the followers and voila! The Monkey Wrench Gang is on probation and kind of hanging low.

Hayduke Lives! : A Novel by Edward Abbey (1990, Hardcover)

Last one Free shipping. Sounds like work for the Monkey Wrench Gang! Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. His actual landscape at the last, which was also the landscape of “Hayduke Lives! This last novel of his just shines through and through with his fierce rebellion against the monstrous machine that’s eating up our world, in all its manifestations. Jan 05, Susan Emmet rated it liked it. We also meet a bunch of Earth First!


The plot wasn’t great and it was pretty corny, but I still liked revisiting the monkey wrench characters. His love for nature and extreme distrust of the industrial world influenced much of his work and helped garner a cult following.

Half a million copies of his book, “The Monkey Wrench Gang,” have been sold, and I want to set its many readers at ease right now: Definitely worth the read. Mountains motivated Edward Abbey; mountains and everything natural and even some things man-made, it has to be said that lay around them.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Ultimately not a bad book: I was disappointed in how dirty old cactus Ed became and didn’t even finish this one. The obscene spectacle of Bishop Love and Goliath Love even eats a chunk of plutonium in a town meeting to prove that it’s safe helps Hayduke reunite the old gang for one last fling. Nervously watching the battle between developers and environmentalists unfold, wondering if out of some shadow or corner Hayduke might emerge, each is only mildly surprised — but deeply fearful — when he finally does appear.

Retrieved from ” https: It also had some plot conflicts with the original. I wanted to find out what happened next to the gang but after a few chapters I felt like I was standing in line at a mini-mart checkout with all those porno magazines staring at you wherever you look.

Being a non-Mormon, environmentalist, desert-lover in Utah, I thought this book was hilarious! The sequel to the Monkeywrench Gang is nothing as good as the first, but still surprisingly good.


Dec 18, Rev. Now winding down their last few months of probation from their criminally adventurous, tractor-burning, bridge-blowing days as members of George’s famed Monkey Wrench Gang are Seldom Seen Smith, A. Abbey is dearly missed and I don’t know who fills his much needed role today. It was published posthumously in in a mildly unfinished state, as Abbey did not complete revision prior to his death. Novels by Edward Abbey American novels Environmental fiction books Anarchist fiction American political novels Green anarchism Novels set in Utah Novels set in Arizona Novels published posthumously s novel stubs.

A Novel by Edward AbbeyHardcover. Monkey Wrench Gang 2 books. Four men die in this book and the blood is real.

The book spins on efforts to halt the giant machine–“high as a hotel and taller than a grain elevator, heavier than Boeing jet liners, wide as a railroad barn or wider jayduke six Caterpillar D-9 tractors lined end-to-end, with enough power to supply electricity for a city of ,!

For a grand finale, Oives reunites Hayduke with the outlaw-heroes of The Monkey Wrench Gang as they plan the destruction the world’s largest walking dragline while combating a greed-ridden Mormon Bishop in another attempt to save the American Southwest from development. Uzumaki 3-in-1, Deluxe Edition Includes vols. Basically, nothing happens until the final chapter and even that isn’t very exciting.