REVIEW: Heartless by Mary Balogh I’ve been in a reading slump lately and decided to try Heartless, Such was the case with Heartless. A couple of years ago I picked up Heartless, the first book I had ever read by Mary Balogh and went into the lost-in-a book zone. I went to work. Heartless, first published in , was a new venture for me. It is a Georgian historical, set during the 18th century, several decades earlier than most of my other.

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Jul 07, Pages. Our hero is returning to England after being an expat in Paris for the past ten years. Looking for More Great Reads?

Desert Isle Keeper

Balogh is an excellent prose stylist, but it couldn’t overcome the Big Misunderstanding and elevate this book. He’ll get the bad guy for you, just open yourself up to him.

So much of her time is spent putting on a facade of lighthearted charm and cheer that I am at a loss to understand anything real about her true character. Heattless foolishly thought this was the first of a new Balogh series.

jeartless I love that I really don’t have anything negative to say about this ballogh except that it’s out of print But did she do it? Then all the stupid things, her going and Robert before telling her Lucas the truth. When he and Anna have their first child, a daughter, instead of bemoaning the fact that she is not the heir, he responds to the baby with total love and devotion and names her Joy because he is so happy.


Inshe retired from teaching after 20 years to pursue her dream to write full-time. Some Like It Scot. Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid. To make it even creepier, the guy thinks he is her father. She didn’t just surround sex scenes with a hint of plot, there was an actual storyline that the book followed. No, Heartless wasn’t more than just good enough for me. Unfortunately there were only a few things that I enjoyed about this book, for the most part secondary characters, and they were not enough to carry the book.

The hero is very rich, extremely talented with a sword and pistols. I did jump ahead and read the last chapter or two so I know the resolution. This book started off strong and peaked my interest.

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But then someone from Anna’s past comes back to haunt her and Lucas starts suspecting that all is not well Balogh’s are a particular favorite of mine. Her heartbreak when he leaves for India and she is unable to tell him that she loves him was so very intense, it was one of my favorite moments of this book.

I liked it at the beginning, there was a mystery to it, I was intrigued by the characters but it all went down in a moment, like a castle made of sand. She’s petrified of what will happen if she tells her new husband all, and so while there is happiness, there is also secret terror.

The ice around Luke’s heart melts and cracks away. Anna meets Lucas, Duke of something or othe Wow, I found this to be an annoying read.


Heartless (Georgian, #1) by Mary Balogh (2 star ratings)

She just maintains the same possibly-fake persona throughout. Anna was an odd character. She usually writes Regencies but this story is a Georgian; at first her description of Lucas seems everything but manly but once we get to know him we can’t help recognising his strength and magnetism.

The cherry on top of all the craziness: Luke’s marg Ashley, young and a little wild, and needing a father or brother figure in his life. Lucas Kendrick is back in London after spending several years in Paris in a self appoint A long, long time ago, when I started reading romance, Heartless was hearyless of the first Mary Balogh books that I read.

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In her twisted mind, killing her blackmailer makes more sense to her than telling one of the most powerful men in the country, and the self-pity she indulged in all through the book because she just couldn’t tell anyone apparently all men, including the heartleds asking her repeatedly what’s going on with her, are heartless bastards At fifteen, when her sister marries Lucas, she meets his younger brother Ashley and immediately falls in love with him.