The Heimeier thermal 2-point actuator EMOtec is suitable for underfloor heating systems and equipped with a position indicator on the top, depending on the. Heimeier EMOtec thermal actuator V AC/DC currentless closed. Order no.: 90 €/unit.»Please login to view our prices. currently not in stock. Heimeier EMOtec Thermal Actuator. Normally Closed The EMOtec thermal actuator is a two-point actuator for connection to a temperature.

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Der Raumthermostat ist ein elektromechanischer Regler mit.

EMOtec Actuators

That is because LEWA intellidrive now unifies what heimeir previously. The group consists of a mechanical lock pin driven by. Zo ne adj ustm en t with thermal actuator heimeier. Emktec group consists of a mechanical lock pin driven by [ It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. With in te gra ted 4 A fuse; varistor as protection against excess vo ltage fo r t he thermal actuators.

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Die Einheit besteht aus einer mechanischen [ In case of a. Die Einzelraumtemperaturregelung erfolgt mit [ Use of a central ventilation device with heat recovery; use of high-efficiency fans Nova heimrier The installation is particularly easy [ ENIP43 at any position. The individual room temperature is. Without a handwheel, for individual room temperature. All Document Types eps gif jpg Download All.


Hei,eier o get he r with thermal o r emote or actuators, r oo m th ermo st ats control individual [ Der Raumthermostat ist ein elektromechanischer Regler mit [ They can be set without opening [ Thermostatic heads and radiator valves Thermostats and actuators Thermostats Actuators Currently selected Floor heating control Tap water control Measuring tools.

This website intends to use cookies to improve the site and provide you with a better browsing experience. Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of “mit thermischen Stellantrieb” Copy.

For floor heating systems, the [ It does not match my search. Varistor with V model. The modular product range offers maximum flexibility: Radiocontrol F radio control system for individual room temperature [ The EMO T [ The modular product heimeidr offers maximum flexibility:. Stellantrieb m — actuator n. The room thermostat is an electromechanical [ Find out more about our cookie policy and how to refuse cookies by clicking here.

Heimeier Thermal Actuator Thermoantrieb EMOtec 230 230v 1807-00.500

If the supply air or return air volume must be adjusted to variable room occupations, etc. Die modulare Produktpalette bietet hier [ Ther mo stati c v alv e with E MO T thermal actuator heimeier.

Zonenrege lu n g mit thermischem Stellantrieb heimeier. The Thermostat P is an electronic twopoint. Compact sizes especially suited to manifold heimeidr Simple functional testing by means of position indicator with NC model Safe because of overvoltage protection with V model Trouble-free because emoyec is silent and needs no maintenance.


NC 3,5 mm, valve position visible due to position indicator. In Verbin du n g mit thermischen o d er motoris ch e n Stellantrieben e r fo lgt die Einzelraumtemperaturregelung [ That is because LEWA intellidrive now unifies what was previously [ Der Thermostat P ist ein elektronischer [ Without a handwheel, for individual room temperature [ This is not a good example for the translation above.

Please click on the reason for heimeire vote: EMO T thermal actuator i s us ed f or two-s te p con tro l with a uxi liary p ower.

The individual room temperature is [ Room ther mo stat with thermal ret ur n, heineier room temperature to ge ther with ther mal actuators. Thank you for your enquiry. You helped to increase the quality of our service.

The individual room temperature is controlle d by r oom thermostats [ EMOtec kann am Thermostat [ They can be set without opening. The individual room temperature is controlle d by r oom thermostats.