Season’s readings: Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin. A very modern fantasy set in a snowbound turn-of-the-century New York, this isn’t obviously. Winter’s Tale [Mark Helprin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Now a major motion picture New York Times bestseller Utterly extraordinary. From the very first sequence here (a white milk-cart horse bounds over the newly- built Brooklyn Bridge in a bid for freedom), Helprin makes it.

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Ainter you are rich, then I guess you were meant to be, and if you were dirt poor, well, sorry, it was always thus. I’ve carried his wordsmith magic in me for decades, afraid that perhaps I remembered it to be greater than it was, that my awe was that of an impressionable, lonely kid.

I’m still waking from this dream, and as such am sorting through the various symbols. Then along came a book which fuelled both of my obsessions: I want to write an entire book about this emotion.

The author wanders off. I know a lot of people loved it, but it just wasn’t for me. Oh, but the book has brought a smile to my lips at last, because it does crackle so nicely in the flames.

Winter’s Tale

We didn’t helpfin a broadsheet in the family home so I never read book reviews, and the internet was a distant dream from one of my SF novels. They were not imagined at all. Refresh and try again.

True, there are plenty of other New York novels, and many are more accurate than this alternate history, or more sharply plotted, or richer in character and dialogue. Beverly’s father says about her that she had seen the Golden Age. The Lake of helpriin Coheeries is very effectively magical. And there is plenty of it: All helpprin being said, the book does reach some great heights, and it’s usually in the simpler, plot-driven parts.


Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin

Did you read the same book I did? There’s a villain named Pearly who heads the menacing “short tails” gang.

This is a story about beauty But the ploy becomes obvious here, as Helprin begins to engage in tautologies and things which sound good but simply make no actual sense: He is champion of anything that obscures our view, anything that replaces clarity with vagueness. This year the novel was finally adapted into a movie – I decided that I could wait no longer and dove right in.

Take, for example, the following passage: We meet families at various points in their history. How can this be? I haven’t read another book quite like it, and am in fact afraid to read any of his other works, fearing that I might not like them so much, slightly marring my opinion of him as a writer. The rest of the story is far too complex to attempt to explain. And from tha “There was a white horse, on a quiet winter morning when snow covered the streets gently and was not deep and the sky was swept with vibrant stars, except in the east, where dawn was beginning in a light blue flood.

Winter’s Tale held the promise of being a book that I would have loved: Rightly used, it could inspire as well as comfort us. Even as I grumbled about the author’s oblique prose and roundabout method of storytelling, I marveled at the sheer abundance of his descriptions and the daring helprib the narrative.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. True, Lynn and I are the only members who are not grandmothers, but does getting older mean you have to lose your child-like sense of wonder AND imagination?

Lake away for a long time — more than half helrpin enormous novel — and describe and describe and describe. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. tqle

Well, this is what I gathered from the first pages or so, before I decided to warm myself up by tossing the book into the fireplace. The characters also begin as simple, straight-up-and-down folk, as you might find winted through fairy tales or myths and legends, but gather layers of complexity and depth around themselves as time passes.

Winter’s Tale First edition cover. Bridges and rainbows carry significance as well.

Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin: Plot and Quotes

Or was I just young and stupid and idealistic when I read it? His mastery of the English language is that of a contemporary genius, but not too far off the beaten path to be high-brow. But I have included a link to such a blow-by-blow in the Extra Stuff section if that seems useful.