Visit ‘s Henry Bayman Page and shop for all Henry Bayman Books by Henry Bayman See search results for author “Henry Bayman” in Books. Interview with Henry Bayman, in conversation with Stephen Hirtenstein 25 September 1. How did you first meet Ahmet Kayhan? I first met Master Ahmet. Henry Bayman is an independent scholar living in Turkey who spent twenty-five years studying with the Masters of Wisdom of Central Anatolia. His interest in Ibn .

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As he himself once remarked, it was only after the Hnry World War that the nations of the world besides the West began to emerge from poverty, and the task is not finished yet.

Interview with Henry Bayman | Anqa Publishing

How did your research prepare you to write with such courage? The notes were for my own edification, and perhaps that of a few others. He had infinite love and respect for his own Master, and would sometimes fondly relate a memory of the times they baymsn been together.

For the Master, these two were not different. Because it’s the Prophet’s interpretation, and no version can be truer than the Prophet’s. We’ve seen towering intellects, but there’s the danger of intelligence being put to use for sinister ends. But first, the raw bxyman at hand had to be typed up and sifted, edited, arranged and rearranged.

I’m really glad you brought this up, because it’s far and away the most important part of the Master’s teachings. So it’s not only budding apprentices of sainthood who need to pay attention to this, it’s everybody. He is the author bayan four published books on Sufism and Islam: Just as it is baynan all fields: Rather, the country itself was poor.


Not that he earned badly, for he worked harder than anyone else.

Bayman is a propagator of the belief that Islam is a religion of love and tolerance and that fundamentalism is incompatible with Baymman or Sufism.

He suggested to me that we should go over and visit you, and I told him it was late. Nor did I find it necessary. If anyone ever meets a person of the calibre of Abyman Kayhan again, they will have been lucky beyond imagination. From then on, he would shuttle often between the large cities of Istanbul in the west or Ankara in Central Anatolia and Malatya in the east, for it was in the village called Ali Bey near Izol in Malatya that Keko resided.

He attracted people as a magnet attracts iron filings. This is the book in which he recounted his experiences and reconciled the two. Kenneth D on February 8, at 2: If you continued your visits, hery would have come to the conclusion that the Master had the uncanny ability to read minds.

He was sick most of the time in his old age, and suffered from a badly healed broken leg and failing eyesight in his final years. In this present time of the IS threat against humanity, we could see a lack of applying the Prophetic mode of coexistence and harmony in the textual understanding of Islam, as you have vibrantly noted. It was our duty to plant these seeds, cultivate them, and see them through to maturity until they bore fruit.

Email required Address never made public. I think bay,an the same with the mind.


His devotees, humanity, the entire universe were all in need of this Man, I thought. With him there was no distinction between Moslem, Christian, Jew, or Buddhist.

Other things could take years before you were able to decipher them. This is precisely what has happened. Google Books no proxy Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy. How did this particular book come about? Have Muslims, others or Islam itself been responsible for this?

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We all fill our jugs from that source, and distribute it to the people. Thanks for taking the time to tell us about this great Sufi Saint! And as the Master says, people like Rumi or Ibn Arabi were called saints only after they bested hfnry Base Self on these grounds precisely. The reason was not curiosity.

The answer is that this is possible if the person in question shuns the limelight, and if those who know him consider him so precious, and know him to be so indescribable, that they clam up whenever prying eyes rove by.

Next, multiply the sum by a thousandfold. And I fully accept in advance that the failure to communicate is my shortcoming, not yours. Many people who came could not see beyond his hair and his beard—at first.

He is also interested in tradition, philology and subaltern literature.