Hermann Broch’s trilogy, trilogy, Die Schlafwandler [The Sleepwalkers] has often been described as an apocalyptic text.1 This characterization is. Hermann Broch, Die Schlafwandler: Revolution and Apocalypse. T”7j HE APOCALYPSE is still a book to con- jure with,” wrote D. H. Lawrence in his last. Die Schlafwandler: eine Romantrilogie [Hermann Broch] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Hard Cover. 8vo., Pages. Contains: Der.

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The now elderly Major von Pasenow is the military commandant of the town, striving to maintain order and dignity as the population succumbs to starvation and disease.

The Sleepwalkers (Broch novel) – Wikipedia

He wavers between his romantic devotion to a Czech prostitute Ruzena Hruska and his duty which is to court Elisabeth von Baddensen, the heiress of a neighbouring landowner and his social equal. Characters from the first two parts are united in a little fictional town on the River Moselle during the last months of World War I, with many new characters introduced. Die Anarchie ist die Anarchie der Werte, eine elementare Orientierungslosigkeit. In his secret liaison with the earthy Ruzena he finds emotional and sexual fulfilment, germann Elisabeth is delicate and distant.

Please improve it by verifying schlafwandlef claims made and adding inline citations. Their opposite is images of freedom, in particular the Statue of Liberty. Die Schlafwandler ist eine ab erschienene Romantrilogie von Hermann Broch. Sometimes the narrative loops back to Berlin where Marie, a former whore who is now a Salvation Army worker, has befriended Nuchem, a young Jewish man who is a refugee from the East.

Nach 18 Monaten wird ihr erstes Kind geboren.

Esch konvertiert sogar zum Protestantismus. Erna sucht mit Macht einen Mann, aber Esch lehnt ihre Angebote ab. The third reflects the artificial and disjointed nature of the time it describes by a fractured narrative, schlafwandlrr between threads of the story, moving between prose to verse, and inserting philosophical speculations which provide a theoretical framework to the whole book.


In this way, Broch tried to represent the complexity of the individual mental world and that of society, much as, for example, James Joyce did in Ulysses. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Through the book there runs a complex structure of images, which encapsulate some of its key themes. This page was last edited on 9 Januaryat He eats at the bar of the widow Gertrud Hentjen, who keeps all men at a distance, and drinks there with Martin Geyring, a socialist trade union organiser. In the end, he marries Gertrud and returns to Luxembourg, where he goes back to accounting. The first is a pastiche of 19th century literary realismin particular of Theodor Fontanewhile the second part is more expressionistic.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Martin wird bei einer auch von Esch besuchten Gewerkschaftsversammlung wegen angeblicher Aufwiegelei verhaftet, obwohl er mit der Direktion des Vroch zusammenarbeitet, was Esch als ungerecht empfindet.

Die Schlafwandler (Romantrilogie)

Initially a sensation, the public tires of the act and takings fall. Opening inthe first part is built around a young Prussian army officer; the second in around a Luxembourger bookkeeper; and the third in around an Alsatian wine dealer. Pasenow oder die Romantik ist.

Shell-shocked and mutilated soldiers interact with hospital doctors, nurses and townsfolk. Huguenau versucht Esch beim Stadtkommandanten zu denunzieren, was ihm aber nicht gelingt; dass er Deserteur ist, wird bekannt, aber dann doch nicht verfolgt.

Closing reflections from the author predict that the destruction of values in Germany has left the way open for an amoral and ruthless new Leader to emerge, who will brovh a new future for the disoriented nation. Set along the River Rhinemainly in the cities of Cologne and Mannheimthis part is centred on August Esch, an able bookkeeper but restless with every job that he takes and every friend he makes.


Esch has moved there with his wife to run the modest local newspaper, finding an outlet for his restless search for meaning in an informal religious sect, which von Pasenow joins. One is uniforms, which stand for order, hierarchy and certainty. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

A military hospital is full of victims of the war in various stages of mental and physical decay. Adrift among doubts and hesitation, he finds refuge in symbols from the past, such as the honour code of the nobility and the teaching of the Lutheran church. The Major is wounded by hermsnn, perhaps fatally, while Huguenau bayonets Esch and rapes his wife Gertrud.

Esch too knows about schlafwanrler virtues as justice or fidelity but ignores their substance; that is why he can be both faithful and unfaithful, and can think of murder or denunciation to find a solution.

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File:Hermann Broch, Die Schlafwandler. Eine Romantrilogie 1931-1932.jpg

In fury he visits Bertrand’s mansion, intending to murder him, but is talked out of the deed. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

Broch often criticised the era from to Pasenow feels sure of his virtues and their meaning.