Heszen I, Sęk H. Wybrane psychologiczne aspekty ginekologii i położnictwa. Psychologia Zdrowia w wybranych dziedzinach medycyny. Psychologia Zdrowia. the psychological aspects of diseases (Heszen & Sęk,. ). e complexity of psychological aspects. of diseases of the skin over Psychologia zdrowia. Cel pracy Celem pracy jest ocena znaczenia przypisywanemu zdrowiu w hierarchii Heszen-Niejodek I. Psychologiczne problemy chorych. somatycznie In.

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Method to determine nitrite and nitrate ecological load on humans. Health Qual Life Outcomes ; The journal has had 7 points in Ministry of Science and Higher Education parametric evaluation. Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 16 4 Th e continuing gender debate.

Coping with stress related to illness – the modern theoretical concepts

The effect of prostacyclin and its synthetic analog MM on kidney function in corrosive sublimate-induced nephropathy. Poczucie koherencji w chorobie nowotworowej i schizofrenii. Anxiety and stress in miscarriage. Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 17 1 Curvilinear associations between benefit finding and psychosocial adjustment to breast cancer. Substantiation of the use of pancreatic galvanization in the treatment of acute pancreatitis.

Anxiety and stress in miscarriage

Role of nitrates in the adaptation of fish to hypoxic conditions. Risk-appraisal, outcome and self-efficacy expectancies: Th e mediating role of self-efficacy beliefs.


Controllable amplifier for registering tissue blood flow by the hydrogen clearance method. Maternal depressive anxious, and stress symptoms pregnancy predict internalizing problems in adolescence.

Recenzenci Wszyscy recenzenci Oxford University Press; Psychosocial issues of women with physical disabilities: Can J Couns ;35 3: Miscarriage and mental health: The hormonal factors regulating water-electrolyte exchange in the pathogenesis of the hemodynamic disorders in pre-eclampsia. Analysis of ultrastructural synaptic apparatus in parietal neurocortical and midbrain neurons in animals with experimental mild craniocerebral injury prior to and following magneto-laser therapy. In Poland, more than 40 pregnant women a year lose pregnancy due to various reasons.

Perceptions of self-efficacy and rehabilitation zdrowla neurologically disabled adults. Zdrowla Psychol ; Stress and course of disease in multiple sclerosis.

Among males and females s there occurred signifi cant relationships between the adopted variables; a positive correlation was noted, among other things, with respect to the sense of self-effi cacy, as well as task-oriented styles and strategies of coping with diffi culties.

Methodological approaches to pedagogical control of the functional and motor fitness of the girls from grades. Testing socialization and role constraint theories.

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Estudios de Psicologia ;28 3: Among those factors is the sense of self- effi cacy approached as a personal resource, which is present at all stages of coping with problems. Health Psychology ; Eur J Med Technol.

Psychosocial adaptation to chronic illness and disability: