Hexagrama Error loading comments. Retry. views. 2 faves. 1 comment. Taken on March 27, All rights reserved · Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Consider your words carefully and use them to bring people together. Don’t go on alone. Beware of hesitation, lack of imagination, failure to use creative input. El hexagrama 27 es llamado 頤 (I), “Las Comisuras de la Boca”.

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Like the attentive gazing of a tiger, he chases after his desires.

I Ching Hexagram 27 – Yi (Nourishing Vision) | Cafe au Soul

Admire these qualities in someone else and notice them in yourself. A time of retreat or Biting Through might allow for incredible personal insight. Step 5 Outer Center: Giving out light from above. The other is energetic and guides our dreams with a boundless optimism focused on growth.

Are you prepared to nurture what you capture? The action loses companionship. Diminishing your forward drive will augment you in the end. To watch me greedily is not worthy of respect. It is of benefit to cross the great water. For ten years hexagraam performs no useful function and there is nowhere favorable for him to go. Make sure you know what you are feeding, and determine your proper diet. Gareth Knight — Qabalistic Symbolism A.

Perhaps you have noticed this negativity in the ‘mirror’ of interactions with others?

It suggests an ego gaining its power from the Self in order to correctly nourish subordinate complexes within the psyche. Only by nourishing ourself correctly can we fulfill our responsibility to nourish others.



Spending so much time thinking about negative outcomes has created a negative environment for you. These two qualities foster genuine love.

He looks for the required talent with the searching glare of a hungry tiger. Of these three creatures, then, which one knows the proper place to live? Such unworthiness leads to misfortune.

It violates normal way of doing things. The tiger watches intently, about to give chase. Changing Line Interpretations Line 1 bottom line Envy is the dark underside of the rock of healthy ambition. A continuing awareness of the responsibility that comes with power is often the best means of preventing its dissipation, for responsible attitudes lead to good fortune, steadfast leadership and smart decisions.

This is the “Love I-Ching” interpretation. He improperly hexagraka what he needs from below and also cravenly begs for it hexatrama above. Because it has violated the principle. Should he undertake this task, conscious of all the implications of his hexqgrama, he will bring happiness to many.

However, she shouldn’t engage in the most difficult undertakings. If you do not add more, your life will be crowned anew. Pay heed to the providing of nourishment and to what a man seeks to fill his own mouth with. The Self is the source of all sustenance within the psyche. The master watched as another bee crawled into the pond.

I Ching – Hexagrama 27 | Hexagrama 27 | Antonio Carlos Castejón | Flickr

Eating properly implies care for oneself; providing healthy meals in the home is one way of caring for the family. The bottom line is in the trigram of Movement, and the top line is in the trigram of Keeping Still — giving the image of a mobile lower jaw and a fixed upper jaw.


We shall enjoy great blessings. Residing in Trial’s significance. At the source of nourishment, it 227 good to be diligent, etc. Hexaframa is no mistake in this.

27: Nourishment

There is reversed nurture. Yielding uses gexagrama the above indeed. Look for clever people to aid you.

In a genuine occult school the student should be rammed good and hard into the maelstrom of life; and until he can cope efficiently with the physical plane the higher planes of experience should be barred to him — for his own sake as well as others.

Spend a day just smiling and see how the world reacts to you. The divided lines represent the mouth cavity. This is deplorable behavior hexagramq will result in misfortune. So it will be seen that spiritual growth is best attained by getting fully to grips with life in the world.

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