TI Designs. Design Features. This reference design is an EMC-compliant industrial. • Two-Wire Interface to HIPERFACE DSL Encoder. interface to a two- wire. HIPERFACE® DSL (Sick AG) is equivalent to the two-wire RS standard with a transmission rate of MBaud. The data transmission is. SICK is opening up its protocol for HIPERFACE DSL®: Is the one cable connection for electric motors soon to be the automation standard?.

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The simple things are always the most ingenious Why take two when one would do? The data is hiperfface in synchronization with the drive cycle, which can be as short as For more information on the event, visit the Show Web site.

Newsletter To register for our email newsletter, please enter your email address below. To date, the two were connected to each other using two separate connection cables for power supply and data transmission. Directly to the IP-Core data sheet.

Different performance levels in one size allow users to address a variety of applications using just one type of encoder. Switched reluctance motor aims to disrupt Newsletter To register for our email newsletter, please enter your email address below.

Here, hiperfzce is important not only to record the data in large volumes, but to process it profitably, primarily using sophisticated algorithms.

The omission of the motor feedback connector means that there is no design limitation for the hiperfface side extremely important for small servo motors.


Is One Cable Connection for Electric Motors Soon to be the Automation Standard?

Minimization of the connecting lines between the frequency converter and the motor feedback system as well as the reduced installation effort have the advantage of featuring fewer sources of error. This ensures that in principle, the digital motor encoder interface can be used in safety applications as well. Motor-controller communication in electric drive technology is at the verge of a digital evolution.

Automation giants join forces to back OPC Please wait a moment The single-turn, bit-resolution absolute encoders ar ideal for highly dynamic applications demanding high precision.

Switched reluctance motor aims to disrupt Fiber-optic sensors and fibers. SICK is one of the world’s leading producers of intelligent sensors and sensor solutions for factory, logistics and process automation. Diese Nachricht nicht dwl anzeigen. Neither create nor destroy. Moreover, less hardware in the shape of connector plugs, cables, and periphery on the servo drive reduces its mass. Servo drive systems hjperface electric drive technology consist of, among other things, the two components of controller and motor.

HIPERFACE DSL®: One Cable Connection for Electric Motors

Accordingly, machine builders and operating entities are able to tap into the advantages of one cable connection technology as well as simple options for future-oriented preventative maintenance, to name but a couple of examples.

Rockwell Automation unveils a new logo an Other sensor producers will also start using the single-cable technology — discussions are already underway. We want to foster better communication by engaging our readers and encouraging them to interact with us.


More efficient diagnosis Faster and more efficient detection and correction of faults through self-diagnosis dxl even better quality.

HIPERFACE DSL® – motor feedback purely digital for the first time

This increases machine availability and supports time management of the machine. Permanent condition monitoring opens up great potential for saving operating costs, since one is not required to check and replace critical machine components preventatively.

Automation giants join forces to back OPC This statement can be backed up in the way that the protocol has penetrated the market — being adopted by over 50 drive and motor manufacturers worldwide — and its continuous further development.

Maintenance work is prepared more quickly and efficiently using the convenient, internet-based remote diagnostics function.

In addition, it is possible to transmit the values of other sensors, e. Fitted with a standardised mechanical interfaces, the bearing-free encoders resist shocks and vibrations. Only one cable between the inverter and motor cuts the drag chain in half and enables rapid cabling and fewer sources of error.

At the same time, the condition data of the drive constitute the basis hiperrface defining necessary maintenance measures in coordination, e. It saves costs, takes up hiperfacs space, is easy to implement and at the same time offers maximum investment and machine security.