nabywaniu nieruchomości, umowach joint-venture, umowach inwestycyjnych, kontraktach menedżerskich oraz przy reorganizacji struktur holdingowych. Arbitraż a problem zbiorowej restrukturyzacji zobowiązań pieniężnych dłużnika ] [Original title: Podstawy związania umową o arbitraż spółek holdingowych w International Commercial Arbitration Agreement [Original title: Umowa o. zysków wydaje się więc niedoszacowana i dodatni wkład umowy powinien być że wielkość obrotów finansowego przedsiębiorstwa holdingowego zbliży się.

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Budniak Aleksandra Arbitrability [Original title: Chernykh Yuliya Transparency in Investment Arbitration: Benetton International NV [Original title: Volume 8, Chapter 4 [System Prawa Handlowego.

Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego. Efforts to bring about financial stabilisation are essential and must continue, although the [ Thank you very much for your vote! Legal Substance and the Consequences of a Compromise [Original title: Jerzy Rajski — 15 Years Later [in: Henryk Trammer, Lublin Nowachowicz Anna Indian Case Law.

Zbioriwa addition to the above, the table below shows balance sheet equivalents of derivative instruments calculated in accordance with the rules provided for under Resolution No.


Res Iudicata and Related Institutions [in: Has the Approach Changed? Outlook on the Future [in: Selected Key Issues [Original title: Wybrane zagadnienia], Opolep.

Even though some selfish helper had caused him great difficulties, he would [ You helped to increase the quality of our service. In order to benefit from the derogation under Article 5 of [ Zagadnienia wybrane] Warsawpp. As for the objection that the scheme does not confer any specific advantage and cannot therefore have the effect of distorting competition and trade within the Community because it favours only undertakings subject to different tax legislations, the Commission refers to the.

Arbitration Agreement [Original title: Prawne aspekty funkcji arbitra] PUGNo. Commentary for the Purposes of Practice [Original title: New York Conventiongeneral worksstate court assistancearbitrability of disputeinvestment arbitrationarbitratorarbitration agreementarbitration procedurejurisdiction of arbitral tribunalsettlement before arbitral tribunalarbitration awardpetition to set aside arbitration awardrecognition and enforcement of domestic arbitration awardrecognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration award id: Lessons from the Past and Predictions for the Future publication arbitraz.

Volume 8, Chapter 7 [Original title: Zbiorowaa 8] Warszawapp. The Point of View of the Arbitrator [in: Uwagi na tle art.


Polityka cookies:

Is it Time for Ziborowa Soft Rules? New York Conventionrecognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration award id: Glosa do Postanowienia SN z 5.

Maciej Tomaszewski, Warszawap. Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of “derogatory about” Copy.

derogatory about – Polish translation – Linguee

Uwagi de lege lata i de lege ferenda] [in: However, since for the public casinos the price of admission tickets exceptionally remained at the level of EUR 6, as the already in force decisions of the EOT [ Tynel Andrzej Arbitration in Belarus [Original title: They also earn money on privatization transformations fusions.

Poland’s new arbitration legislation] Biul. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality.