Marius, che credeva che la menzogna fosse un dono della selezione naturale a Dio, e dell’umanità alla selezione. In a sense, Howard Jacobson wishes he hadn’t won the Man Booker prize. Yes he pauses to savour it better, “Un Amore Perfetto. Come diventare una ragazza by. Caitlin Moran,. Milena Zemira by. Howard Jacobson,. Milena Zemira Ciccimarra Un amore perfetto by. Howard Jacobson, .

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Philip Roth thinks English Jews perfefto no balls. This book was weird and nu and ultimately quite tragic, and i cannot imagine a single person i would recommend it to okay maybe just one, maybe but i absolutely loved it. Cuckolding, the ultimate fantasy, in upper middle class London, intellectualised and painstakingly analysed. I thoroughly enjoyed this read even though I disagreed with the stated premise: The obsessive nature of love and sex is described in brilliantly uncomfortable prose.

But then there was: It has its moments, but it’s no hotbed. When some people including Ken Loach [the film director] said he could understand antisemitism because of what the Jews were doing in Israel, I realised that these words — even from people who aren’t antisemites, even from Jews – could cause antisemitism.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. In the novel it’s Finkler, the Jewish philosopher, who bears most of Jacobson’s opprobrium. Oct 12, Tony rated it really liked it Pergetto The prose throughout this book was elegant and beautiful, graphic at times and yet the middle section of the book dragged. Some uh language and characterisation.


And now Felix must ask himself, is he really happy? Jan 02, Mark Kennedy rated it really liked it.

I also love the way he writes. The writing is extremely good; very literate. Jun 16, Barb rated it really liked it. Not a single mention of Manchester north or hhoward. It was, really, a very mainstream view of wife-sharing. And true, it means that the steady decline in sales of his anore since he first published nearly 30 years ago will be reversed. Please deliver me from the interminable wingeing of grumpy middle aged men!

No man has ever loved a woman and not imagined her in the arms of someone else. Jacobson is hardly an orthodox Jew. For the above reasons I was going to give this book 1 star but the ending saved it, it was captivating and tragic.

Howard Jacobson – Wikiquote

Refresh and try again. This is a book about sexual perversion – mainly about the narrator’s desire to be a cuckold. He had given up hope. Wonderfully selfish, sexy and bitter about a book-dealer, Felix Quinn, and his wife’s infidelity. But on pagethe narrator Felix d This is a book about sexual perversion – mainly about the narrator’s desire to be a cuckold.

I gave up the ghost – reads way too much like an un-enjoyable classic. That complex manifested itself even in his writing ambitions. But a childhood experience has taught him that loss is intrinsic to love, and Felix realizes that he can only be truly happy if his wife is sleeping with another man.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Ultimately the story was as most mainstream fiction is when it attempts to delve into scandalous territory: The obsession is with arranging for his wife to cuckold him, to be in control of what he sees as inevitable.


I also didn’t care for the “plot” of the book, but One of the best written books I’ve ever had the displeasure of slogging through. But I really disliked the story, and didn’t care a great deal for the characters.

Un amore perfetto

Not only do I love Jacobson’s stories. Mar 29, J. Open Preview See a Problem? It was an insight into an aspect of life never usually considered and the ending captured the tragedy this can cause in relationships. I used to boast that I knew more songs with the word ‘goodbye’ in them than anybody else.

Books by Milena Zemira Ciccimarra (Author of Stazione undici)

The first European pogrom was in England, not in Russia or Poland. I’d find it intolerable to hear her laughing at a book by another man.

I’ll compromise with a 3 star rating more like jacpbson 2. Actually flowery is quite an inept way to describe it, it’s more poetic. Felix’s reactions to his wife’s lover are both understandable and his theory of jealousy are both difficult and true. It is Jacobson’s way wih words that made it a struggle for me to put the book down.

Jacobson is also a respected critic and broadcaster, and writes a weekly column for the Independent. Better in Italian though: