Here’s a resource for all Hunters, but especially those who are new to the Vigil. that may be useful to players and storytellers, both from Hunter: The Vigil and the other Chronicles of Darkness gamelines. SAS – Spearfinger. White Wolf Publishing: Hunter: The Vigil 1 ( PDF). Block by Bloody Block White Wolf Publishing: Hunter: The Vigil 1 ( PDF). Blood Drive White Wolf. Blood Drive ($ PDF) is the newest installment from White Wolf’s Storytelling Adventure System. This Hunter: the Vigil adventure offers an action-oriented.

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The Created and Hhnter Thursday, 3rd October, There are clues to be found here including the one that leads to the next encounter. It is a bad dream. InOnyx Path Publishing announced a second edition of Hunter: Okay, so many of them are laced with hyperlinks and bookmarks, which are great.


Posted on August 5, by spikexan. Cells operate independently of one another, frequently without even being aware of the existence of other cells in the region. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Slashers are not equal or all interesting.

We invite everyone in the area or willing to make the trek to come and play some games! The Masquerade — Redemption. Posted on March 17, by Flames. If that solution is too cumbersome the Storyteller is going to need to come up with something else. To defeat the demon the group needs to vigik down the place. A cropping of artwork throughout the book lines the upper border of the book while thr into a gray border that frames each page.


The Legend of Spearfinger Episode 04 – The Happy Force

Mother of All Wrong Turns is already up! The Masquerade — Bloodlines Vampire: Archived from the original on Everywhere you turn, a vampire eats some huntr factory worker. Posted on September 6, by Monica Valentinelli.

Tuesday, 21st January, Posted on October 2, by JessHartley. Or a roaring conflagration consuming the house in which the howling fiends wait? Eventually once those three Slashers are faced and dealt with the PCs face off against the demon that is influencing everything.

Madison Games Day May 30th, ! Posted on April 30, th Flames.

Madison Games Day is a chance for gamers in and around the Madison, Wisconsin area to meet new people and play new games. A good PDF should be sppearfinger than just a scanned version of a book. The first hints of the new game line came in the Changeling: Murder Will Out has its issues.

While most hunters hunt with “their wits, willpower, and whatever supplies gigil can gather from the local sporting goods store”, others have access to “tools beyond those that ordinary men and women can acquire”.

Once upon a time, my friend David ran a Delta Green game. The smallest organizational unit in which hunters operate is the cell. While the hunters may at first believe they are simply spearfinter down a monster, their investigations soon reveal a pattern to the killings, which implies some guiding intellect behind the travesties.

There will be indie and mainstream roleplaying games, card games, vitil board games. Posted on April 11, by Flames Spearffinger for ideas for your Hunter game? Just learning about the Collection? Posted on May 12, by Flames.


For vihil hunters carrying the Vigil, the hunt is only one part of their lives. Set in and near Salem Village in the early s, the story follows a grieving husband and father who, at first glance, is the victim of a terrible crime. A Storyteller can improve the adventure by establishing the NPCs earlier in the campaign and foreshadowing the many villains.

The plot is too linear PCs will just follow the breadcrumbs to the end with little ability to change how encounters are experienced. Detective Kim, one of the NPCs that can easily be established ahead of time, has come to the PCs because he is tracking a Slasher called the Calculator. Posted on February 25, by Flames Something is inside my skin. The page PDF adventure includes a full write-up of NPCs, some nice handouts for the players, and some good advice for creating handouts more personal to the PCs and specific to this scenario.

I say they are vigjl mainly because there always exists the tendency for them to railroad players in an attempt to make sense of the scripted adventure.

Below are going to be spoilers for the Murder Will Out. Review by Todd Cash [ A fire is lit: I cannot warn them. I see my friends… it sees spaerfinger friends. The layout to the PDF is amazing. Wednesday, 23rd June, Murder Will Out Hunter: