Make the following updates to Doc FOREWORD. This document contains a list of ICAO four-letter location indicators and, for ease of. ICAO Location Indicators. This document contains a list of ICAO four- letter location indicators and, for ease of reference, corresponding three- character. ICAO DOC EDITION Doc preparation of an operations manual. Fernando Nobre ยท Doc icao abbreviations and codes.

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These designators shall only be used with the proper authority of the State or the medical authorities concerned. Where late submission is unavoidable, the period until reaching the required lead times shall be covered by filing individual flight plans. Reason for special handling by ATS, e. If no such designator has been assigned, or in case of formation FLTs comprising more than one type. The Ending itself comprises twelve letter shift signals which represent also a Message-Separation Signal.

The original AFTN infrastructure consisted of landline teleprinter links between the major centers. The flight plan filing services in contingency situations are: The first letter or two letters indicate the country and the remaining two or three letters the specific location. Bearing and DIST from the nearest significant point, as follows:. The point at which the change of FLT rules is planned, expressed exactly as in 2 or 3 above, as appropriate, followed by a space and one of the following: RNAV 5 all permitted sensors.


For example, New York’s John F.

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These non-changeable fields are: KT manuaal, expressed as N followed by 4 figures icap. Corrections by IFPS operator cannot be made. Guidance material on the application of performance-based surveillance, which prescribes RSP to an air traffic service in a specific area, is contained in the Performance-based Communication and Surveillance PBCS Manual Doc The VFR flight plan shall be filed on http: An AFTN address is an eight-letter-group composed of a four-letter ICAO Location Indicator plus a three-letter-group identifying an organization or service addressed and an additional letter.

The originator’s 8 letter AFTN address or other appropriate contact details, in cases where the originator of the flight plan may not be readily identified, as required by the appropriate ATS authority.

A typical message would look like:.

Indicate surveillance equipment and capabilities not specified in ITEM Any alphanumeric characters not indicated above are reserved. Alphanumeric characters not indicated above are reserved.

ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan – ICAO Location Indicators (Doc )

The first four letters of the eight-letter group is a Location Indicator indicating the place of destination. ACFT address expressed in the form of an alphanumerical code of six hexadecimal characters when required by the appropriate ATS authority. Some irregular four-letter codes, not assigned by ICAO, do exist and appear usually in meteorological reports. Jingle bells was a favourite.


Transponder – Mode A 4 digits – 4 codes and Icai C.

ICAO DOC 7910 Ed 169

So messages with Priority Indicator SS have the highest transmission priority. If no coded designator has been assigned, one of the following ways:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The whole communications system is still rooted in the ‘official’ nature of radioteletypes. This could result in a long delay to the FLT concerned. The letter C followed by an oblique stroke; THEN the point at which the CRZ climb is planned to start, expressed exactly as in 2 above, followed by an oblique stroke; THEN the speed to be maintained during the CRZ climb, expressed exactly as in a above, followed by the two levels defining the layer to be occupied during CRZ climb, each level expressed exactly as in b above, or the level above which CRZ climb is planned, followed by the letters PLUS, without a space between them.

Flight plans for consecutive legs may also be filed. AFTN comprises aviation entities including: The Origin consists of message Filing Time six-digit date-time-groupthe Originator Indicator eight-letter group identifying the message originator, a Priority Alarm used only in teletypewriter operation for Distress Messages and Alignment Functions.