Title: Ilm ul adad ke Karishmay, Author: Books, Name: Ilm ul adad ke Karishmay, Length: pages, Page: 1, Published: Ilm ul Adad in Urdu & Hindi. Urdu Main Sub Kuch Saleem Ghaffar; 27 videos; views; Last updated on Apr 23, Play all. Share. Loading Save. Ager aap kay naam ka adad six (6) hai to phir janiye apni shakhsiyat, khoobi o khamiyan, maali muamlat, Asma e ilaahi, luckygemstone aur.

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Share with your Friends. I want to know my name number my name is hidayatullah and I was born in india in ananthapur district andhrapradesh state my time of birth is 6: My birth place is district Lodhran.

They chase their dreams and finely achieve them.

Adad Calculator | Abjad Calculator

What are the Alpha numeric values of phonetics? You should ull to go abroad. But if they become negative they can be wicked, narrow minded, selfish, foolish or some time emotional adxd. I dont have your date of birth so cant reply further. Salaam Sir my dob 7 January Monday please help me about my career which will be best for me.

It i,m also used in numerology to assign the equivalent numbers for the Arabic words. I will dfinitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends. Ap Ka Sitara Konsa Hai? Click on the letters mentioned in the table one by one to find the equivalent numerical value of a word.

Each day, we are exposed to numbers. Hi, Sorry it might sound stupid, but something happened that made me to post this since I dont know anything about this stuff I wanted to get your opinion and here is the story: This number is also related to happy and healthy family life, business and social partnerships, hospitality and lively hood.

This stuff is awesome , thanks for this , if i want to contat you so how can i make it. AOA Bro please see this post: Number three is related to acquiring knowledge, learning and teaching knowledge and crafts. Dam e Tashkhees 7 months ago. Ilmul adad se har sawal ka jawab part 2 1 months ago. And about guidance towards right path says that this book guides for humanity in their life track to get rid out evils, sins and even in their physical and metaphysical diseases.


Who is the creator of these wdad except Allah? If date of birth adxd known use it otherwise calculate the sign using name and mothers name. olm

What are the Effect of Alpha numeric powers on the body, soul and spirits of living individuals? Though this number remains positive most of time but if once this number got negative then it is almost impossible to re get heights. My DOB ipm Numerology is often closely associated astrology, as astrologists assigned the numbers 0 through 9 to each celestial body in their solar system and each number has its own set of values.

Its like an X-Ray, the mathematical representation of something will show its construction and its inner-self.

Jadu Kis Kisam Ka Hai? I will be thankful for your help and guidance. This number is also related to five sensory systems Sight ophthalmoceptionHearing audioceptionTaste gustaoceptionSmell olfacoception or olfacceptionand Touch tactioception that is why this number is considered as social activities and experiments.

And years old knowledge of Astrology is following 12 buroojs from the day one, No research or invention up till now could change the number of these 12 buroojs. Part 1 and 2 Best Regards!

It is also a number of charm and sensuality. Found 58 result s for: Mostly great and renowned saint, scholars, social activists, states men and Artists of the history and present times are having their fate and personality number is seven 7. Ilmul adad se har sawal ka jawab ilmuladad 2 months ago. My name Is Shahzad.

Urdu Book On Numbers Ilm Ul Adad 240 Pages

Similarly number two is having different aspects in positive manner it is related to spirituality, and connection between creator and the creations.


Most renowned Reformists, Successful business men, Doctors and surgeons, poets, writers, dancers, media advisors, media producers and directors of past and present are born under the fate and personality number six 6.

Numerology is the study of the numbers in our lives and how they affect us.

Psychology, Student consultant, Poetry, Glass painting, Writing suits you. Number eight 8 is basically belongs to planet Saturn which is adar to Satan so it brings negativity and negative thinking like arrogance, prejudice, jealousy, greed, hatred etc. AOA Shahzad bro, Yes you may be able to get admission and go abroad for study, but you will not be able to get a degree. The above Adad calculator lists the table of arabic letter, name and its numerical value.

AOA Bro, please download our free software Numerology Chart from the products section, it has got answers to all your questions.

Ilm e Jafar : Calculating Numbers in Urdu, Arabic or Persian – KazSoft

I find your great site on google search. Jadoo Ki tashkhees Sekhain 6 months ago. Code to add this calci to your website Just copy and paste the below code to your webpage where you want to display this calculator. Abjad numbers are used for performing different mathematical purposes before the introduction of Hindu—Arabic numeral system. It is also known as the number of practicality and movements. AOA Thanks for contacting me, please use the spiritual help form to send your question.

Who were there to guide them accordingly?

At the same time it gains the praise and Condemnation from creator and the Creations.