Inside the Spaceships has 63 ratings and 13 reviews. David said: When believers of UFOs divide into the usual 2 camps of Religious or Scientific, a str. George Adamski (17 April – 23 April ) was a Polish American citizen who became widely known in ufology circles, and to some degree in popular culture, after he claimed to have photographed spaceships from other planets, met with friendly Nordic alien Space Brothers, . In his book Inside the Space Ships, Adamski claimed that Orthon. Inside The Space Ships by George Adamski (). excerpt from the book: I had to remind myself that, after all, they too were human beings and, no matter how.

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George Adamski

Some of Adamski’s supporters posit that the space people whom Adamski claimed contacted him sppaceships have had bases on Venus, Mars, Saturn, etc. Therefore, a negative radiation repels all negative bodies while at the same time it prevents the ship from heating through friction. Ralph rated it really liked it Feb 08, The best comparison I can think of is that it looked rather like an organ.

It looked merely like a large ball of light beneath us. When he said that it was nothing that could not be picked up in any old scrapyard, naturally I persisted in demanding an explicit statement of his findings. But time and patience finally vindicated those who brought forth the ideas. It did not feel like our glass, nor like plastic. But Earth men will not be allowed to come in numbers or to remain, until they have learned to embrace the all-inclusive life as lived by people of other worlds, rather than the selfish personal life as found on Earth today.

The moons of Titan and Europa are showing surprising signs of water and unexplainable features that might be “life”. More details are linked to this page for anyone who wants to know about Him. Yet your scientists, while maintaining the absence of air around the Moon, do admit that there are both heat and cold on that body!


I imagine this was due to the fact that the Saucer was no longer using its own power but was now subject to the gravity of the mother ship. Later, Firkon told me that their ages ranged from thirty to two hundred years! We exchanged greetings with adammski waitress who came to clear the table.

But off-duty clothes may aramski required some explaining for those three gentlemen. There is overwhelming evidence that your planet has not borne life as a kind of freak accident, as even some of your greatest astronomers have stated [probably referencing Lowell].

For the first time, I now noticed two other screens in operation.

But in an emergency a great many more can be safely crowded into it. In Maythe head of the Dutch Unidentified Flying Objects Society told Adamski she had been contacted by officials at the palace of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands who advised “that the Queen would like to receive you.

The far distant planets by the billions which we have not yet visited will be explored when we have further improved our space ships.

Instantly the light within increased and the low humming became audible as the machinery started. But that has been overcome and, as you can see, we are unrecognized as other than Earth men. We who have traveled the path you now are treading are willing to help and to give of our knowledge to all who will accept it. That one is more like a traveling city than a ship, since its length is several miles, while ours is only two thousand feet.

Your people may slaceships the knowledge we hope to give them through you and through others, or they can turn deaf ears and destroy themselves. I followed, Firkon behind me. Others who have th privileged to ride in these Saucers also have been struck by the same sensation of movement—or spadeships, the almost total lack of it. Certain people are affected by such changes, more than others, but all can become acclimated in time. What did he say, exactly! This might have passed even more easily for an earthly scene except that the farmhouses were not scattered around the countryside, but also followed a circular plan.


Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This room, I should say, was about thirty-five by forty-five feet, and something like forty feet in height.

Inside the Spaceships

Every three months a fourth of the inhabitants of our planets embark on these gigantic ships and set out for a cruise through space, stopping spacesgips other planets just as your cruise liners stop at foreign ports. About halfway up around the circular walls ran a delicate metal balcony, reached by a ladder. The entire floor in this section of the room was composed of magnifying glass like spaceshjps in the floor of the Scout.

These would be extracted and studied later. We drove on smooth highways for a long time, possibly an hour and a half. Suddenly I looked up, and there stood my Martian friend, Firkon!

George Adamski – Wikipedia

It was explained to me that actually we were a good two miles up and still rising, but this optical device had such magnifying power that single persons could be picked out and studied, if so desired, even when the craft was many miles high and out of sight. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. George sucked me in to this “Space Brother” fabrication when I read it in 7th grade. But this pilot proved to be a stranger, a handsome man about six feet tall.

However, I have found a few, and I hope to provide my own.