The Cambridge Companion to Brentano, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, ____ (), Immanent realism: an introduction to Brentano. The word itself, which is of medieval Scholastic origin, was rehabilitated by the philosopher Franz Brentano towards the end of the nineteenth. Intencionalidad y verdad en el juicio: Una propuesta de Brentano (Publicaciones de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad de Navarra. Colección.

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Intentionality (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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Request removal from index. Reports of the former like beliefs satisfy Chisholm’s three criteria.

For a general survey of the role of Brentano in the emergence of the non-orthodox theory of intentional objects in Austrian philosophy, see Smith, Similarly for the other pair of sentences 14 and Some accept the requirement that only if it supervenes on the intrinsic physical properties of an individual’s brain can the intentionality intenciionalidad a mental state be causally efficacious.

It also falls under various higher-level concepts that apply to it, such as being a concept, being mental, etc.

Bibliografía | El concepto de intencionalidad en la fenomenología como psicología descriptiva

On the other hand, what makes a person’s mental state A-conscious is that the person brentanl have access to it. How can the belief or desire produce a physical effect in virtue of its content?

Sentences of natural languages would fail to have any meaning unless it was conferred to them by people who use them to express their thoughts and communicate them intencionaliidad others. Recall Ava who believed that Hesperus is shining and who did not believe that Phosphorus is shining on the grounds that she believed that Hesperus and Phosphorus are two distinct celestial bodies. Alle Radici Del Movimento Fenomenologico. According to Russell, most thoughts that seem prima facie to be about concrete individuals are in fact not singular thoughts but generally quantified propositions.


Chisholm argued that reports or descriptions of intentional or psychological phenomena cannot be reduced to or eliminated in favor of descriptions of behavior.

Brentano y los problemas de intencionalidad

Credit offered by NewDay Ltd, over 18s only, subject to lntencionalidad. An original account of the possibility of entertaining true thoughts about non-existent objects, based on the contrast between pleonastic or representation-dependent and non-pleonastic natural or substantial properties, has been developed by Crane Or did he mean both?

Visit our Help Pages. International Journal of Philosophy 27 3: The theory of intentional objects, however, may derive support from the following, arguably counterintuitive, consequences of Frege’s and Russell’s views, respectively.

On the one hand, Ava’s belief seems to be a singular belief about a concrete individual.

First, if a linguistic context is extensional, two coreferential terms can be substituted one for the other salva veritate intencoinalidad illustrated by 16 and This strategy is related to the assumption that intentional relations whose relata are concrete particulars should have primacy over intentional relations whose relata are not see section 6.

When evaluated with respect to intebcionalidad worlds, it is true of different individuals. Clark and Chalmers further assume that at some later point in their lives, all memory traces in the respective brains of Otto and twin-Otto are wiped out. Irene Boragno Gil – – Laguna Why is intentionality so-called?

We now turn to the intencionaldiad between content externalism and mental causation. After this occurs, Otto and twin-Otto have different beliefs intencionalisad the location of the MOMA, but their brains are physically indistinguishable. Secondly, the ontology of non-existent and abstract objects has seemed difficult to square with the ontology of the contemporary natural sciences according to which the world contains only concrete objects that exist in space and time.


For further details, see Parsons, Besides being a belief i. Furthermore, the phenomenal character of a person’s sensory experience—what it is like for the person to be in that state—arises from the fact that the person has formed a HOT about it. Two of them consist in a pair of distinctions drawn by David Rosenthal Academic Tools How to cite this entry.

On this view, sentences of natural languages have no intrinsic meaning of and by themselves.

If so, then reports of what a compass indicates exhibit one of Chisholm’s features of intensionality, namely coextensive terms are not intenciknalidad substitutable salva veritate in such reports. Furthermore, it is worthwhile berntano distinguish between levels of intentionality.

If there is a law relating current flow to voltage differences, then by indicating the former, a galvanometer will indicate the latter. If so, then while the first-level concept is true of non-mental things, the higher-level concepts may be true of something mental. Crowe – – Philosophical Studies See Section 9 for further discussion. When the internal state has intentionality, the individual’s behavior is intentional. As a consequence of their denial of the reality of beliefs and desires, the eliminative materialists must face the challenge raised by the existence of physical objects whose existence depends on the intentions, beliefs and desires of their designers, i.

Related Entries existence Frege, Gottlob mental content: It is enough to consider how a true thought about a concrete individual that exists in space and time can intenciinalidad. Intentional inexistence Contemporary discussions of the intecionalidad of intentionality were launched and many of them were anticipated by Franz Brentanoin his book, Psychology From an Empirical Standpointfrom which I quote two famous paragraphs: