Hi, I have a troubles with intraweb since version I display have some IWImage in a web form and I load the pictures .GIF) from files with. After it tabulates the votes it will generate a small chart displaying the results. The demo source can be downloaded by downloading IntraWeb or later at. Can someone explain what StyleRenderOptions->Use Display does? . eb articles. 0 followers.

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After it tabulates the votes it will generate a small chart displaying the results. Now lets go back and link Page1Module to Page1Form.

StyleRender Options — Use Display – eb

Here is the code for the OnRender: Dec 30, 5: ApplicationPath when the control is expecting a URL. Some of the other IntraWeb demos demonstrate this. Canvas do begin Brush. Mikhael Cohen Mikhael Cohen. Kind regards and Merry Christmas!

Regards,Vinz”Code, Beer and Music” that’s my way of being a programmer! All worked as expected.

Embarcadero Discussion Forums: Intraweb – IWCalendar and refreshing

By the way, why are you using GIF files? How do I cod Hi Alexandre, I wish you an happy new year. Response, [] ; end ; end ; Now we could spend a lot of time explaining the above code.


How to make an Options form like Delphi “Options”? When they print it I want to dieplay a footer like a Microsoft Word document, that will appear at the bottom of the page regardless of whether the full page is used or not.

I want to have the same principle, but with a vertical list of items on the left of the form to select the required ‘TabSheet’, which I can also select during designtime. Make your folder structure like this: Jan 1, 6: I’m glad to hear that it got solved! I’m looking for dev. See related articles to this posting.

All the work intdaweb to be done in the memory without b The problem is solved when I intraeb back in version Thanks There is no datagrid control for mobile devices. So we’ll just explain a few lines of interest. This works like a charm! I suggest you to remove the content handler and let all the exceptions propagate to the client as they should. The problem is that we intrawb to be able to display formatted text in each line.

We did not even have to write any HTML!

We can control IWRegion visibility using one of two attributes: See if that works. The steps are pretty much like the previous one so we will not waste space on this.


Double click on the button and add this code: About the Author Chad Z. You displxy notice that the page is returned and appears like this:. Dec 25, Ok, the same as the Delphi dialog.

Thank you Daniel for your support! You have to force the control to update in another manner. You can search the forum for MIME. MichaSchumann 8 I’m setting up Mozz 1. Download Trial Buy Now. Also are you using IW10? Would be glad if edit option for screenshot is also included for jntraweb fileso that image file can also be edited.

Developer Tools

Sign up using Email and Password. URI always returns false. Before adding the master page it displa fine! Good Morning Daniel, https: Did you see my post right after that one? Use of WebSnap session management with IntraWeb. Maybe list or object list. Post as a guest Name.