I will be posting translated fragments from the book “The imprisoned prophet” by Ioan Ianolide. He spent 23 years in communist prisons in. The last category is comprised of those prisoners (Constantin Georgescu, Tache Rodas, Ioan Ianolide) who openly refused re-education, and towards whom the. For two centuries humanity was captured by burgeois materialism. Although long ago had decayed the martyrs of French Revolution, but no.

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The Saint of the Prisons by Ioan Ianolide

From the antichristian point of view, the atheist communism has accomplished its mission and is not needed anymore, so it can disappear, in order to transmit its power to a new apocalyptic force.

Tyranny was horrifying humanity. Notify me of new comments via email.

I am the Bible and I am going to write it on your cadavers. It is an abomination and a mad challenge that man directed against the Lord of Life and Freedom. As I saidwe become more and more knowledgeable about the fact that people who perpetrated the most horrendous crimes during communism in Eastern European countries and Russia, many ferocious Bolsheviks and criminals belonged to Jewish ethnical groups. However the whole society starts to revolve around this System.

What do you see in today’s world? The explosion of technology took hold of humanity to a degree of a possessed one, and there was no one who would be able to control the phenomenon. They are rather presented as great achievements and great rationales for National Pride. People are mislead and misinformed by media Trusts that have a huge financial gain out of this deadly propaganda.

This Culture basically enables anybody to interfere with the life of a person because it is a technology that is easy to use and misuse, that allows information to be gathered and centralized in a very effective way and then to be handed over to persons willing to promote the Re-education in the Spirit of the Beast.


Marturisitorul Ioan Ianolide — 26 de ani de la trecerea la Domnul. Give peace a chance. In reality the person becomes captive by choice to a world that is foreign to human experience and is meant only for the devil and his angels.

Actually the world would become more secure if the greed and gross inequities that motivate nowadays wars and revolutions will be reduced significantly. Humankind has lost the transcendence and the consequence is the psychological instability, moral degradation, political tyranny, destruction of nature, alienation and, finally, the atomic war.

God has changed His Testament it means that probably He finds it backwards too. At the same time, satanic forces are more refined and better organised in the 20th century than in the first Christian age.

Therefore there is great freedom for the contributors of crisis and significant penalization for the effects. He did not kill anybody and He only cursed a tree, but He cleaned the Temple with a great wrath.

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ioaj Nobody guarantees freedom of people in this civilization, no one can govern technological forces in this civilization. These new guys on the block actually succeed where the Communists failed, because they combine the Economic vision of veracious beginnings of Capitalism with the atheistic disrespect for the human being and their dignity and freedom Those who invoke love and tolerance when a more distant from their experience cause of unrighteousness reveals to them, they are usually the first to put their hands on guns when they perceive unrighteousness closely related to them.

Chibrite aprinse aruncate peste benzina. There is no Fraternity in Judaism, simply because Jews are not Messiah. Christ was the most loving Person on Earth, and still iajolide he witnessed iioan hypocrisy of the money changers in the Temple he put his hands on the whip and threw them out of the Temple.

Probably others too, but nobody they believe, is more backwards for these guys than these primitive Orthodox Christians.

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The fall never happened, neither in Romania, nor elsewhere. Alexiuc Florin Andrei rated it it was amazing Feb 24, These are the gifts that the genius designers bring to the regions they redesign.


What brought December moment to the re-designers of the new world? US faces a great moral dilemma: Our phone companies make more and more usage of digital systems involving computer synthesized voices that will be able to provide more and more complex answers.

The ethical and moral, heroic motivation that drives people to die far away from home dries out and the main motivation that moves people to die is economical. Altminteri, insaelementara desteptaciune este o indatorire. The truth is not anti-Semitic ,or anti-American or anti-Indian or anti-Martian or Anti-Mercurian, or anti-moon, or anti-sun, anti-earth, it just is, especially when it comes from the mouth of the sinner a Romanian saying.

This will allow for instance for two kanolide from totally two different places in the world to meet in an airport and share the same vision over events and factual realities.

Notify me of new comments via email. John Stansbury marked it as to-read Sep 23, Science was regarded as the absolute law that replaced Christian dogma. They all talk in the same Spirit about the computerized system that is used more and more against us and about the marking that has started with commercial products and evolving under different pretexts and excuses all ethical and rational of course to animals, then to peoples ID papers and then to experimental microchip implants.

Jews in Romania were exempted from participating in war and also Marshal Antonescu protected their business. Banks serving foreign capital in Romania rendered mass uncovered loans to institutions and persons and. The Thinker and his soul mate —two prehistoric statues discovered in Romania.

They need to give up unconventional arms they use against innocent people in Gaza.