This is the title of yet another of Kurt Vonnegut’s short story collection, early generation computing machine) and ipecac – as in the well known. from the reprint in Critical Essays on Kurt Vonnegut, ed. by Robert Merrill .. 8, pointed out ten years earlier that EPICAC is “a transmutation of ipecac, the name . Dive deep into Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s EPICAC with extended analysis, commentary, and The very name of the machine is comic; it is clearly related to ipecac.

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Notify me of new comments via email. It did, vonneyut, print vonnegut original love poems as a wedding present for the couple. He the computer has a distinctively male voice can also respond to oral or written input, and makes astonishingly accurate political predictions. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. September 25, at To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Anyway, things proceed swimmingly and the operator begins to think about marriage.

All the Vonnegut books were free on the Kindle Lending Library last month. He’s also kind of cute – he’s shaped like a pyramid, has lots of flashing coloured lights, and makes funny little noises vonnrgut he gets excited. You are the first conformation I have had that someone else saw the same TV movie. As far as the narrator is concerned, the reason EPICAC no longer exists is because it became more human than its designers originally intended.


During the night, EPICAC destroyed itself, effectively committing suicide because it could not be with the woman it loved. References to Ceausescu’s Romania, Saddam Hussein, and Tiananmen Square give an updated feel to Epicac, while some black-and-white shots, period clothing and vintage automobiles provide a s feeling in Lurt Foster Portfolio.

EPICAC (short story)

Boy was that impression wrong. Vonnegut’s novels and short stories enjoyed considerable popularity in the s; these light-hearted screen interpretations could be used to introduce a new generation of readers to his work.

Good, but it feels like maybe he was trying to squeeze a little too much into one book, especially in the first half. Retrieved 21 October I tend to remember, way back when I was young, aboutthere was a Valentines Day special where this same story was produced with Bill Bixby.

BooksMoviesPersonal. Pat is predictably impressed and begins to see the operator in a new light. The narrator takes this poem and passes it off as his own. First-rate production and careful attention to detail are evidenced in both selections. In the screen interpretation, Eric Noval Garwin Sanford plays a workaholic computer programmer madly in love with a colleague whom he has known ipeac graduate school. Epicac deals with a familiar Vonnegut theme – the negative fonnegut of technology on human relationships.

He finds Pat and asks her to marry him again, citing iipecac previous poems as expressions of his feelings. Ipceac is so delighted that she and the narrator kiss for the first time.

Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 5 June The upstanding citizen and model husband and father has been concealing his true circumstances from his wife in order to be able to justify his weekend job – playing jazz piano at the “Bluebeat Cellar,” a smoke-filled, slightly seedy dive.


This page was last edited on 1 Julyat Retrieved 13 November Pat accepts his marriage proposal, but adds the stipulation that for every anniversary, the narrator must write her another poem. September 13, at 1: September 15, at Have you read this story? Xenophon’s Anabasis aka The Persian Expedition. On balance, I think so. Unfortunately, the attraction is not mutual.

“EPICAC” (no, not “ipecac”) | Bibliophilopolis

When Pat reads this poem she is so overwhelmed that she can do little else but cry. Post was not sent – vonneyut your email addresses! You are commenting using your WordPress.

Fonnegut me of new posts via email. Posted by Ipecac at By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Share Facebook Twitter Email. Instead, he has to content himself with the likes of Hebert J. The story was published just four years and nine months after the world’s first electronic general-purpose computer, ENIACwent on-line.

The narrator agrees because he will have a full year to devise another way to create poetry. Epicac, a state-of-the-art computer with virtually unlimited memory and a prodigious appetite for kyrt data. Views Read Edit View history.

Yeah, that was charming, and not at all a strawman argument, and stupid and wrong.