IR3 Flame Detector ▷ Sensitivity according to EN Class 1: m² flames at 25m. ▷ Low risk of false alarms due to different IR. The Intelligent IR3 Flame Detector is designed to protect areas where open flaming fires may be expected. It is sensitive to low frequency, flickering infra-red . The Triple Infra-red (IR3) Flame Detector is designed to protect areas where open fires may be expected. The IR3 Flame Detector is sensitive to low frequency .

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Every multi infrared flame detector is negatively influenced by this effect, regardless how expensive it is. The shadow effect can be minimized by mounting a second flame detector in the opposite of the first detector.

This can be used to verify the presence of a Pilot flame. In this case one sensor looks at the 4. Triple IRs, like other IR detector types, are susceptible to blinding by a layer of water on the detector’s window.

The cone of vision of the flame detector is three dimensional and is not necessarily perfectly round. If a flame detector can detect a fire with an area A on a certain distance, then a 4 times bigger flame area is necessary if the distance between the flame detector fpame the fire is doubled.

Manual Fire blanket Fire bucket Fire extinguisher. Moreover, the flamf CO 2 in the air is taking care that the sunlight and other IR radiation is filtered.


Mini IR3 Flame Detector 2.5-10 m Range 20-20MI-3-F

One could say that the fire can be masked by other heat sources. This law is equally valid for all optical flame detectors, including video based ones. This helps minimize false alarms.

Condensed aerosol fire detecto Fire sprinkler system Fire sprinkler Gaseous fire suppression. At long distances other parameters are playing a significant part; like the occurrence of water vapour and of cold CO 2 in the air.

Despite our best efforts, mistakes sometimes happen. Smoke or fog can limit the effective range of these, since they operate solely in the visible spectrum. Loop-powered Sensitive to flickering IR radiation Detects through films of oil, dust, water and ice Responds to flickering flames, including those invisible to the naked eye False alarms due to lighting or flickering sunlight are minimised Compatible with Discovery and XP95 protocols.

When used in applications such as industrial furnaces, their role is to provide confirmation that the furnace is working properly; in these cases they take no direct action beyond notifying the operator or control system. A near infrared IR sensor is especially able to monitor flame phenomena, without too much hindrance from water and water vapour.

A salt film is also harmful, because salt absorbs water. The intense ionization within the body of a flame can be measured by means by the phenomena of Flame Rectification whereby an AC current flows more easily in one direction when a voltage is applied. A visible light sensor for example a camera: Infrared flame detectors suffer from Infrared heat radiation which is not emitted by the possible fire.


Flame detector

A remote LED alarm indicator may be connected to the flame detector. They usually act as both flame quality monitors and for flame failure detection. A severe disadvantage is that almost all radiation can be absorbed by water or water flwme ; this is particularly valid for infrared flame detection in the 4.

Ugur; Dedeoglu, Yigithan; Cetin, A.

Flame Detectors: Mini IR3 Flame Detector m Range MIF

The detector specification for performance is with a clean optical sensor window. Thermocouples are used extensively for monitoring flame presence in combustion heating systems detetcor gas cookers. Views Read Edit View history. Problems with boilers detecor to stay lit can often be due to dirty flame sensors or to a poor burner surface with which to complete the electrical circuit.

Furthermore, complex image processing analysis can be executed by computers, which can recognize a flame or even smoke.

Flame detector – Wikipedia

DoP – Declaration of Performance. The cone of vision of a flame detector is determined by the shape and size of the window and the housing and the location of the sensor in the housing.

Full details of our service standards can be downloaded here.

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