Ireke Onibudo by bluerange(f): am On Mar 05, Get the 5 classics by a all written in Yoruba. Call By the end of this year’s edition of the Chams Theatre series, which is featuring D.O. Fagunwa’s, Ireke Onibudo, theatre goers in. Ireke Onibudo, at the National Arts Theatre appraises the production against the background of the development of the stage performing art in.

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Fagunwa’s writing is often regarded by many as the pioneer of Yoruba literature – especially the novels. Some topics Fagunwa tried to touch on involved: You can check CSS bookshop. They arrive at the physi-cal location Langbodo and bring back to their home-land many goodies from the far away land.

Now reduced to four men after the death oftheir ireme, the noibudo learn to their surpriseyet relief that Langbodo is not a physical space but astate of being where humans come to a fuller realisa-tion of their essence and learn to live in love and har-mony with other beings.


My brother in-law was on yahoo chat with my wife a few days ago and in all the three-paged dialogue, hardly did I see a full ireeke in English language. In the end, non-Yoruba speaking audiences may either feel greatly enriched by word plays they hardly understand or grossly cheated of their deserved enjoyment. Thanks for stopping by. The narrators, a blend of characters and voices add to the overall dullness. Long Journey of Discovery and Sharing.

He was born in Oke-Igbo, Ondo State. Perhaps, there was just a chorus or two too many, but the overall effect was somewhat cheery. Yet, one can not fail to observe a growing love affair between Corporate Nigeria and the Nigerian stage.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. It was a great beginning indeed.


Culture and Tourism ministerMr. Today her music is for the emancipation of the black man, not only from colour bar, but of the glorious abundance of life, wisdom, and riches deposited by God on the soil and airspace of the black continent. To enlighten and entertain at once. His latter works also consider the traditional society. Luke’s School, Oke-Igbo and St. I told him what he was missing in the area of the music lyrics. It follows his strange but enthralling journey from pauper to oba king.

He also specially acknowledged the team responsible for the second edition of the theatre series including Fiyinfolu Okedare, Ayodeji Akindele, Isioma Eboka, Bisola Oladipo and Dayo Olajuwon.

Ireke Onibudo By D.O Fagunwa (HardCover)

To paraphrase Osofisan, Chams employs over a hundred theatre artistes for about three onibufo every year and offers free, to live audiences, a vivid experience of theatre that the people yearn for but which is so hard to come by these days. Theaudience spilled over and activelyparticipated in the presentation. You may not understand onivudo far away you are from your culture until you take out time to see a stage play.

This entry was posted on December 2, at 4: It gladdens my heart to know that Chams is sponsoring this unique experience as a strategic intervention and contribution to the rejuvenation of the Arts rieke stage culture in Nigeria.

Extensive reportage and reviews in themedia confirmed the strong interestpresentation of the plays elicited withlocal and international stakeholders ofthe company.

Fagunwa’s Ireke Onibudo now on video

What a rare collection! You are commenting using your Facebook account. This novel was widely read back in the day and while the author might not have agreed with some aspects of Yoruba culture at least he did teach its readers about the way things were done which is missing alot these days. They can be found on broad street on the ground floor of bookshop house. The lights were used as transistional guide to seamlessly link the scenes.

Kola Oyewo, for the Yoruba onibudi. A Memoir Hardcover by Tara Westover. The hero performs all the tasks successfully through the help of his mother. Osofisan said thatby sponsoring these major productions, Chams hadprovided employment for the cast and crew overmany months. Here, one might add, is corporate social responsibility at its eclectic best. Hotel Review Rock Valley Hotel.


The Chams Theatre Series has therights to the five works of Fagunwaand would sponsor one play eachyear. Play wrights Prof Femi Osofisan and Prof Akinwun-mi Isola present interesting dimensions to the OgbojuOde story that deepened audience appreciation of thestory. Colourful and confusing in turns, the performance is overdone sometimes by tedious dialogue and spurious acting. The enthusiasm, interest andsubsequent appreciation of theperformances underscored the fact ofthe Chams Theatre Series helping to filla gap in the cultural life of Nigeria.

Have you paused to ask why some of our brothers abroad prefer to speak with us in our native tongue rather than in English?

Onibdo book is written is such a way that our unintentional hero goes through various situations and while you enjoy his stories, there are underlying lessons about our journey through life, some of which we still struggle with today.

His story runs alongside a fable told by his dead mother.

Sounds like a great read. Olatokunbo Kayode wrote into offer ieke Federal Governmentrecognition and support of the effortby Chams plc to provide corporatesupport for the revival of theatreculture in Nigeria. The answer is not farfetched; we value ourselves at a distance. Have you heard about the young lady called Nneka Egbuna? Sounds of birds chirpings in the forest, or sounds of the underwater, as well as its usage to create an atmosphere of fear, was simply excellent.

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